superwoman, age 5

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So… guess who started kindergarten last week?? Yep! This kid!! She's been counting down for oh… about 2 years now, and finally her day has come! She absolutely loves it, she's made lots of new friends already, and her teacher is wonderful! This is my first time in THIRTEEN years that I have all 3 kids in school full time. All this 'spare time' I thought I was going to have hasn't happened yet, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Here are some recent pics of my new kindergartener!!

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(I had to include a silly one. She's trying to push her hair back with wet fingernails lol!)
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197 days until summer

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around here

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iPhone catch-up

Well hello! Just stopping in with another of my WILDLY unpopular iPhone posts lol. ;-) As a double whammy, these are probably my least favorite iPhone shots that I've taken in awhile, but I feel the need to keep it going. They don't thrill me enough to even double post on Facebook (now THAT'S bad). ;-) If you'd prefer to see some that I like better, feel free to pop over here. Happy Weekend!

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