197 days until summer

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around here

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iPhone catch-up

Well hello! Just stopping in with another of my WILDLY unpopular iPhone posts lol. ;-) As a double whammy, these are probably my least favorite iPhone shots that I've taken in awhile, but I feel the need to keep it going. They don't thrill me enough to even double post on Facebook (now THAT'S bad). ;-) If you'd prefer to see some that I like better, feel free to pop over here. Happy Weekend!

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a pink dress, a pink cast and a bear

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the little pink cast

I thought I'd give a quick update on Livia for those of you that haven't heard the news on Facebook. Thursday morning I took her to an indoor play center because she was begging me to "meet some new friends." :-) About an hour after we got there, she fell off the monkey bars and fractured two bones in her wrist. I have never broken a bone, hubby has never broken a bone and our 2 boys have never broken a bone. Leave it to the Tiny Tornado!!

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Of course it broke my heart to see her in pain, but I was secretly hoping for oodles of cuddle time! WRONG. Two hours after the fall, she was up and running around the doctor's office like a banchee, and that was BEFORE the cast went on. She wasn't the least bit concerned about the X-rays or the cast going on... she was so excited to pick out the color! The only bummer was having to pull her out of swimming lessons since she'll have to wear the cast for a month. I'm just glad it wasn't anything more serious. A fractured wrist we can handle!

All I had to share was an iPhone shot. I hope to get some more photos with the real camera to document her little mishap.

I really REALLY appreciate all the kind words on Facebook!! I read them all to Livia and they just thrilled her! :-) Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. xoxo