a blog-free zone

OK, the children have spoken. Clearly I've been a little scarce since beginning my blog. The vision: a creative outlet for me, to capture memories of the kids to enjoy as they get older. The reality: Too much time on the computer; not enough time with the little people.

Clue #1: (yesterday) My preschooler asking: "Mom, are we going to be eating today?" Oops.

Clue #2: My laundry mocking me as I walk by. (Yes Tracy, I got that from you). I can actually hear it giggling as I near the laundry room. You will mock me no more!

Clue #3: the signs. Not "signs" in the abstract...but rather THE ACTUAL SIGNS. See below:

So... with that, I am declaring weekends a blog-free zone, and I will limit myself to one post per weekday. And do you really want to hear from me more than that, anyway?


Tracy said...

yeah...it can be SO addicting...I do that with the camera...meaning I am behind it taking pics more than playing with the kids...it's hard...they're too cute! :) Good idea to set some limits. ;)