germ world

So we're back from Chuck E. Cheese, and the kids had a great time! They have been bleached, sanitized and thoroughly wiped down. Doron even popped in to surprise everyone. The kids were so happy he was there! Before we left home, I heard Drew talking to Collin, saying "I wish dad could come watch us." I was so happy that could happen.

Of interest, Livia is the only of the Bonnie kids that did not scream, cry or go into hysterics at the sight of a giant, walking stuffed animal (i.e. the real Chuck E. Cheese). As he walked by, she just looked up and laughed at him. You go girl!

Now for your viewing pleasure: some flashy, grainy, all around terrible-quality pictures. Taking pictures with a built-in flash under florescent lights is certainly not my forte. I am slightly freaking out that when I re-size my pictures for the web, they are becoming horribly over-sharpened. Don't know how to solve that one. I just need to breathe, and let it go.

Three hours and $20.00 later, we returned home with 2 rubbery lizards, 2 lollipops, a plastic spinning top and some type of nerf shooting device. Good times!


Aleasing said...

Grandma is enjoying this immensely