i caved

I'm 35 years old, and I'm still caving to peer pressure. I mean, honestly. And it's not even peer pressure from my own son...it's peer pressure from a lunchroom full of 2nd graders, most of whom I don't even know. I don't want my kid being the only one with a lame snack in his lunch. So far, I've gotten away with a ziploc baggie of Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Bits, and the like. But lately, I've been feeling the pressure. God as my witness, I have NEVER bought a box of Cheez-It's in my life. My rule is: if it doesn't rot, don't buy it. Fruit rots. Vegetables rot. Meat rots. Twinkies do not rot. They have an infinite shelf life, and that's just wrong.

I seriously still have the receipt for this garbage, and I'm toying with the idea of returning it. It's just that the lunch room can be brutal. The other day, my 2nd grader was sitting on the "love line." You know, the line that runs down the middle of the lunch table...and you are "in love with" whomever is on the other end of the line. Horrors!! And then to top it off, you've got organic applesauce in your lunchbox, while all your friends are eating oreos.

I was lamenting about this to a friend awhile back, and I said "poor Collin doesn't get any junkie snacks..." And my friend says "yeah, poor Collin won't be dying of heart disease when he's 50." WOA...this post just got serious, and that's not my thing.

What can you do.


Mindy Mc said...

Okay, here is what you do....return that box....because 2/3 of it isn't cheez-its. Second, buy the "whole grain" cheeze its and put them in a zip lock to send with Collin. They aren't THAT bad, but they won't rot in a week ;0) but they are tasty and better than rainbow chip cookies made with ????? unpornouncable ingredients. If only every kid were as lucky to have a mom like you-;o)

Aleasing said...

I can not believe that you are feeding my grandson that junk food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doron said...

And what is wrong with yellow # 9? It makes cheez-its tasty and nutritios.