i wouldn't say that to your wife, bubs

OK, I fibbed. I said my blog would be mostly pictures...and few words. But Drew said something to me yesterday, and I have to write it down before I forget:

Every since I can remember, Drew has called my leg from the knee up, my "big knee." My leg from the knee down is called my "little knee." Don't ask. I don't have all the answers. So are you with me? Thigh = big knee. Calf = little knee. I was getting dressed for church, he spots the "big knee" and comes running to hug it. He looks down and says, "Mom, your little knee is too skinny." Then he looks at my thigh and says, "Mom, your big knee is...um...regular." These comments were made with that little Drewy sparkle in his eye.

Let me just say this: I wouldn't say that to your wife, bubs.