these shoes weren't made for walking

These are my sweet lil' baby girl's first pair of shoes. She's about ready to outgrow them, and I'm sad for 2 reasons. The obvious: she's growing up. And even worse: she's inherited my super gigantic hideously large clown feet. I'm SO sorry baby girl!

At least these shoes aren't the orthopedic nightmares I had to wear growing up. That's right, mom. My blog... my perception of reality. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.* I still remember in 2nd grade, I had to wear these awful navy blue leather orthopedic shoes, and they had this horrible fringy, flappy thing on them. And wouldn't you know it? I got the same shoes the following year! Very sad, when you're best friend is wearing polka dotted Vans. Yes, mom, I'm sure because she wore shoes with no arch support, that she is a crippled mess now.

I better buy the cute shoes now for Livia now, because once she gets to my size (which I won't mention due to embarassment), all you can get are the special-order orthopedic nightmares from Zappos. Wow...life really does come full circle, doesn't it?



Tracy said...

those are some seriously cute shoes. :)

Anna said...

Karli, your photos are amazing!! I just LOVE your blog I'm so glad I noticed the link on fb. ;) Too cute, your writing is so creative to. Thanks for the laughs. :)