two injuries, a waterpark and a sheriff's badge

On Saturday, we took a much needed getaway, and took the boys up to CoCo Keys in Omaha. The day started out with a bang. Actually 3 small bangs, followed by a THUD. We dropped Livia off at my parents' house, and as we were leaving...with all the grace and poise I could muster, I went tumbling down the stairs in their garage. In my defense, these wooden stairs were buffed and polished to a high sheen, so my lack of coordination isn't completely to blame.

I left a strip of skin behind, spanning the distance from my wrist to my elbow. I also banged my heel so badly, it swelled up to an indistinguishable shape. But enough about me.

Now for the 2nd injury of the day. Drew was SO excited that he was finally tall enough to go down the big slides, so off went my 3 guys, leaving me at the bottom of the slide to watch. Soon, I see a tube coming down the slide all by itself. Hmmmm...weird. Then I see my skinny, scrawny little boy, a tangle of arms and legs, whirling and spinning in circles, coming down the slide without his tube, big tears streaming down his face.

Now for the next part of the story, imagine if you will, the theme to Chariots of Fire playing in the background as you read on. No seriously, imagine it. And picture all of this is slow motion. So with my ripped up arm and black and blue heel, I reach out to this metal railing in front of me, catapult my 5'9" body OVER the railing with one arm, and FLY into the water to retrieve my sobbing baby boy.

Turns out, he sat on the edge the tube insted of putting his little tushie in the center of it, and as he was going around a corner, it threw him off backward...banging his head. HARD.

It took about 30 minutes of sitting in mom's lap to recover, but after he did, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. I pretty much parked myself at our table all day since I couldn't walk, but I might have been spotted going around the lazy river a time or two. ;-) Yes, I was the 35 year old, pushing the age limit for a bikini.

So you've done all this reading, and want to be rewarded with pictures. Am I right? Well, Doron put the kabosh on me EVER bringing my camera to ANY type of water park EVER again. This, stemming from an incident at the Great Wolf Lodge. (You've done enough reading. I'll spare you the details).

I took a few pictures with my Blackberry that I was planning to post, but they're SO bad, I don't want to make myself crazy with them.

One of Drew wearing his new, shiny (hideous) gold-beaded necklace he picked as a prize from the arcade. WOW. That's all I can say about that one.

One of Drew drinking my strawberry daquiri, which I'm 95% certain was a kid-friendly one.

One of Drew showing off his blue plastic Sheriff's badge, also won at the arcade.

And one of Collin, eating his $18 dollar pizza from the CoCo Keys Cafe.

We had an awesome time, and it was great to get away for the day. Hope your weekend was a blast as well!! :-)

Edit: Doron came wandering by, read the post and said "What?! Where's the pictures? Don't torture your friends will all that reading...post the pictures!"

So here are pictures from my phone. My PHONE, people.

See what I mean about the necklace?

Seriously dude, quit admiring the necklace.

OK, the manly sheriff's badge makes up for the necklace, right? ... RIGHT????

Sippin' on a pink drink. GREAT.

Only one salvagable shot of my elusive 2nd grader.


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Dad is literally dying over here!!!!!!
Very enjoyable Blog::)))