all right, no laughing and pointing...

Have you ever taken a picture that looks like this? Holy underexposure! Sheesh! I was just playing around with my new flash, and captured this picture of Drew. (Funny, I don't see much of a flash). I loved the face, but the exposure/color/white balance...you name it, was AWFUL.

Several of you mentioned that you enjoy Photoshop **magic,** so I will oblige you with another touch-up.

As an aside...I am not encouraging taking horrible pictures and then...no worries, just touch them up! It's important to really learn the settings on your camera, and get it as good as possible right out of the camera. Some pictures just aren't fixable, and I'm honestly surprised that this one was:


My sweet, little "preeth-schooler."

Oh, and don't forget about your good friend black & white, for when you really mess it up! ;-)


Well, I'm off for the weekend. Have a great one, and I'll be back on Monday! :-)


Jenn said...

awesome!! but don't leave us hanging...what did you DO to it?? we want the nitty gritty :)

{we should hook him up with my Jules...they'd be so cute together}