God's leaf

Returning home from picking up children 1 and 2 this afternoon, I saw this lone leaf in my driveway. I'm dying for the weather to become, shall we say... physically bearable, but this leaf was close enough to my garage door, I felt certain I would not freeze to death should I decide to photograph it. Someone would be able to hear my calls for help, anyway.


Kind of a ratty ole' leaf. Soggy and damp. But something to photograph, nonetheless.

Collin comes bumbling over. "EWWWW....why are you taking a picture of 'that leaf?'"
Me: "Cause it's cool and I want to."
I missed Collin's reply as his big clompy tennis shoe accidentally steps right in the middle of my cool leaf. (Which if you know Collin, is pretty much par for the course).
Me: "Hey! Watch out for my leaf!!"
Collin: "HA! Your leaf? Dont'cha mean God's leaf?"

Always a stickler for details, this one. ;-)
Yep, God's leaf.


Aleasing said...

This post touched my heart, dear ones:::))
Your finding pleasure in this tiny leaf brought this verse to mind:
Matthew 25:21
"Well done, good and faithful slave, you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things.
I AM BLESS TO KNOW YOU BOTH - mom aka grandma