good morning sunshine! (i mean tungsten light)

I have a new favorite blog. It's a photographer mom with two gorgeous little girls. Sunlight is always streaming into every window. The girls are always sparkling and glowing, laughing and posing. The baby girl is a few months older than Livia, and has a smile bigger than my head.

That's not really how it works in our house. Sunlight doesn't stream in. Lil' sis doesn't pose. In fact, when she sees me coming with the camera, she purses her lips together into a straight line. And refuses to look at me.

I tried to get some shots of Livia in her crib. I wanted mine to look like the ones on my favorite blog. It was not to be. Not enough light. I had to set my ISO too high, so the pictures are a little grainy. I had to turn on Livia's super adorable Pottery Barn chandelier, which caused her hair to appear orange.

Here she is. Pretending to not see me. (Oh....I know you see me, my little friend).

I'm so disappointed that I had to use black and white. Livia's room is so cute, but with light pink walls and orange lighting, there was a slight (enormous) color cast. I fiddled with pictures in Photoshop for hours, but it wasn't happening.

This week is Spring Break for my 2nd grader, so my handy helper was reading Livia a book to get her attention.

See, I move this way, she looks that way. Isn't that fun?


Great job sweet baby girl! I love that smile!


There was one awesomely amazing thing that resulted from this failed photo shoot. Doron kept walking by the computer as I was trying to fix the color (for hours, might I remind you), and seeing my frustration...agreed to buy me a NEW CAMERA!! Adios Canon Rebel XSI...hello Canon 7D!! Can't wait!