i was wrong

I look out the window this morning, and this is what I see:

Seriously?! The snow (which first appeared 3 months ago and stayed on my grass the entire winter), had finally melted from my yard. As in one day earlier. Need I say...ANNOYING! Oh, and just ignore the Karli Bonnie Photography wordage, verbage, whatever. I was goofing around this morning, and I didn't want to redo the whole neighborhood montage. That's not my house, of course. You didn't think I'd go outside and stand across the street snapping pictures, did you? :-) But that is my 'hood, as seen from my deck. And oh how the 'hood was grey and gloomy (again) today.

So I was griping and jawing how the light is so ugly...I just couldn't bear to take pictures...but Drew was looking spiffy from preschool picture day, so I thought I'd take a shot...

And this is what I got!

And this!! Hey, not too bad! (lighting-wise, right?)



This child and his "spit-loogies." Honestly.

So all in all, I was pretty surprised how the pictures turned out! Oh, and may I have a round of applause for remembering to turn off the overhead (tungsten) lights in the kitchen this time?!! Thank you, thank you. None of my 3 little people have red hair. So if you see red hair, just know that I am taking pictures in my kitchen and have forgotten to turn off the lights.

Oh, except for this one, which I took later.

Drew was holding up a banana to his ear, and I thought...CUTE! I'll post a picture of him and call it "monkeying around with Drew..." hee hee ha ha. As soon as he heard my idea and the sound of me stampeding to get the camera, he shoved the whole stinkin' banana in his mouth. Lovely.

If you're interested, these pictures required very little photoshop touch-up. If you expose correctly, you should have very few corrections to make. The only thing I did (equally to all pictures), was a slight curves adjustment (and I mean SLIGHT)...probably could have left it alone, and I ran the unsharpen mask at 40%. The unsharpen mask actually sharpens. Weird, huh?

Oh, one final thought, and I'm off for the day: When I first started taking pictures (indoors), I would have loved to have seen a wide angle shot of the room in which the person was photographing. I was a little slow to catch on to the natural light thing. So here you go. This is exactly where I took the pictures of Drew today.

Let's hear it for Drew who was busy drawing and cutting, and was OVER taking pictures. I had one chance to snap this one. See how dark it is in my house?? That's why I go right up next to the window.

And let's hear it for me. Yep, I totally tidied up the kitchen table for you.

Doron will be so happy. ;-)

Happy Thursday...and don't let the grey light stop you!


l_garber said...

I enjoy the picturs and the stories!