looking for a project?

I'm always looking for a project. I need to have something going on...something to inspire me, something to keep me busy. It is unfortunate that I am incredibly uncreative, unimaginative and unorganized. I have so many balls in the air; many times my projects never come to completion.

It is rare that I come up with a semi-cool idea, but this one from last summer was one of my better ones. We were out taking pictures of the kids, and I took a picture of Collin's hand resting on a rock. And with that, the newest project was born. I started snapping pictures of hands and feet, and loved the results!

I even gave some of the pictures to a certain grandpa for his birthday, and though he won't admit it, there was a tiny bit of boo-hooing. I just thought I'd pass the idea along, because it's so neat to capture your children at every stage, and hands and feet are no exception. Chubby little baby fingers are glorious! :-)

I tried to pick my favorites but got carried away, so get comfortable. Oh, let me begin with a disclaimer: I had no idea how to work my camera last summer, and the setting was on automatic. Eeeek!! I actually set the camera to "force no flash." I knew I hated flash, but when you let your camera think for you, it's going to flash whenever it sees fit. I wonder what my pictures would look like now... Ahhhh, I sense a new project brewing...

A few of my favorites:




And isn't this one cool?

Just a little inspiration for the day. If you're looking for a project. ;-)


Aleasing said...

These pictures bring a wonderful, loving tear to my eyes every time I view them. PaPa's book is laying out on the fireplace so we an look at them again as we pass by.
Thank so much for the memories you are leaving.

Jenn said...

love them!! looks like auto was working just fine :) i think sometimes we over think the shot anyways!! super fun idea!