needin' some more therapy

I should really be making my shopping list. Or sorting through coupons. Or doing laundry. But instead, I'm looking for little nuggests of inspiration.

Mmmmmm. Makes me smile to get my coffee each morning. The barista knows me, just by the sound of my voice at the drive-thru. What a nice young man. Hopefully he's not mumbling unpleasantries under his breath because I don't tip. If there's no blending, whipping or frappeing involved, I usually don't tip. Do you?

12 ounce flavor-of-the-day with cream and sugar. Doesn't matter the flavor. I'm easy to please. (Somewhere I hear my husband laughing). Pretty decent coffee. Ridiculous price. Only drive-thru in town. I know, I know. The quality of my nursing home will be in direct relation to how much I spent on coffee the 50 years preceeding.

Those coupons I should be scouring through...

Now this little guy intrigues me. He has been sitting on my countertop for the past 3 days. I've never seen him before, and I'm curious why he would be holding a frog. Really, why is he holding a frog??

Last, a bit of (indoor) nature. No fake plants or plastic ficus trees in the Bonnie house. **shiver** I swore I'd never take a picture of nature. Or a fruit bowl. Or anything that did not include one of my 3 kiddos' smiling faces. Turn out, it's very theraputic. Give it a try! Who couldn't use some free therapy?

Grab your camera.
Set it to AV mode. See it there? It's on the dial on the top.
Dial it to the smallest number. This will let in the most light.
If your picture is too dark, find the ISO button. Choose a higher number. (Higher numbers = grainier pictures, so don't go too high).

Get in CLOSE to something. Focus on it...and shoot! Cool, right? Your background will blur out. No one will see your (my) messy house.

Give it a try! :-)


Tracy said...

Hey that's awesome! we have a SLR I have NOT learned enough about...and well that little tip is enough to MAYBE make some of my pics better in our crappily lit house. :) Any other tips for someone that is just figuring out her SLR? :)

Kathy said...

No barista unpleasantries mumbled, I'm sure. Maybe just an extra spit or two? LOL

Poor Drew.....Having such a fast car and no trophy! What a sweet big brother, though to share with him!!!