reeeeeally wish i would've brushed her hair

I don't expect much when it comes to photographing Miss Sis. A wild woman, for whom (as I've said before)...there is no shutter speed fast enough. None.

So I was in the kitchen this afternoon taking a picture of this...

and this...

when Miss Sis strolls by, looking like this:
Rats!!! The one time I didn't brush her hair!
OK, I'm totally lying. Her hair always looks like that.

But pretty cute, right? Yeah, yeah, I cut off her hands, but because I was scooting backwards on my stomach, holding the camera with one hand, I'm going to call it a victory. Right now she's a crawling torpedo, so I'm hoping when she begins to take her first, tentative steps...she'll slow down a little.


Mindy Mc said...

I would definetly count that as a victory! Great pic of the wild woman ;0) Way to go!