seeing green

It's no secret. I love Spring! Things are finally greening up, so while my boys were in the driveway discussing (arguing about) the rules to one of their made-up games, and the baby was asleep in her carseat with a Garfield movie playing, I wandered my yard to see what I could capture.

Here's the original.

And now for some play time. The dishes are piled high in the sink, so if I sit here "working" long enough, Doron will break down and do them.

I don't do a lot with textures, mainly because once I get them downloaded, I can't figure out how to unzip the folders.


Doron likes this one:

And now for my favorite. No such thing as too much sun!

I know my Lincoln friends are enjoying the beautiful weather this week! Have a great one!


Jenn said...

Cool! Are you using Elements or CS4? After you add the texture...add a layer mask and then use the brush set to black and "erase" back over the plant...that will make it POP from the textured background and stand out. Maybe you already know that though??! It's a fun trick if you don't!

I agree...sun flare makes me HAPPY!!

Have a great Easter!