the story of noah's ark

As told by Drew (age 5):

"Noah was sailing across the sea, and it was a bumpy ride.
The ark was like 500 gallons.
Noah sailed for like 40 or 41 days.
God said to bring 2 animals.
When Noah was done sailing, God sent a rainbow".

(I don't know whether to laugh, or make sure we never miss Sunday School again).

As told by Collin (age 8):

"Noah's ark first started out as a flood.
Because everyone was sinning, God just wanted to start the world over again.
Then God told Noah to get all the clean animals on board. And only 2 dirty animals on board. I do not know why. That's what my teacher told me, but it is kind of weird. Maybe they didn't want to get the ark all dirty.
The animals came in by 2's.
And also when Noah was building the ark, people teased him about it because they were saying "Noah, where's the water??" But then the rain came and all the people died in the huge flood.
And then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.
Then they landed on an island, and God showed a rainbow.
And I think the rainbow means God will never flood the earth again".