what's wrong with this picture?


1. The fact that even though my kids are facing a window (the whole natural light phenomenon), the picture still looks awful.

2. The fact that I used my pop-up flash because I was afraid if I ran to get my new, awesome flash, I would miss the moment.

3. The fact that #2 is a lie, and that I actually did use my new, awesome flash, and the picture still stinks. Really need to read that manual.

4. The fact that I thought I could distract you from how bad the picture looks by rounding the edges of my photo.

5. The fact that my son is playing with (and loving) his sister's new dollhouse.

6. The fact that I am encouraged to hear my son using the words "escape pod" as he plays with the dollhouse. Also encouraged to hear about the little plastic people in some kind of "battle."

7. The fact that my baby is in her pajamas, even though it is 1:15.

8. The fact that yes, those are bags of groceries WAY in the background, and no...I didn't stop the baby from going through them. Just so I could snap a couple pictures of Drew first. Can you make out the glass jars of baby food rolling toward us?

9. The fact that the baby got the Pam spray out of the grocery bags, and yes, that's what she is inspecting in this picture. In the next picture, she's sucking on the cap.

10. The fact that I didn't take it away from her, because I knew she'd sit still for 3 extra seconds if she was allowed to have it.

11. The fact that Livia banged the Pam spray on my lens, (yes she really did), and I checked to see if I got a good picture before checking my lens. A big thank you to my photography teacher for insisting we buy a protective filter for our lens. Good call.

12. The fact that even though the baby's lunch is ready, I gave her a giant handful of vegetable puffs ahead of time. Just to give myself a couple extra minutes so I wouldn't forget these "facts" I wanted to jot down. I feel a mom-of-the-year-award coming on.

13. The fact that I am still typing, even though the microwave has beeped at me 5 times, telling me Livia's food is ready. And by her tone, I can tell that the vegetable puffs are gone.

14. The fact that I thought I had a lot more "facts" to write about the picture, but now nothing is coming to mind. However, I've invested too much time to delete it. Still on my first cup of coffee, folks.

Hope Monday is treating you well! ;-)


Kathy said...

Thanks for the chuckle.