what's wrong with this picture?

We dropped out of everything this year. We were worried about the whole H1N1 thing, especially with Collin having asthma, and a new baby in the house. For the first time since Collin was three years old, we dropped out of the Wednesday night AWANA program at church.

As a compromise, we started doing our own "church night" at home with the kids each Wednesday. We'd read a short Bible lesson, do a craft, have 30 minutes of play time, and a snack. (OK, so I only remembered to do a cool snack for the first two weeks, but whatever). After baths, we'd go upstairs and listen to the boys do their verses (from the AWANA book).

If you know me but at all, the very idea of me coming up with a craft is pretty amusing. I'm what you might call the anti-craft. Not a crafty, creative, artsy bone in my body. But I did my best. And the boys loved it!

Tonight the lesson was on "exercising God's temple" (your body). For the craft, the boys chose a favorite form of exercise, and we made a picture to represent it.

Here's mine:

I hear laughing.

Here's Collin's rendition of a water basketball game:

Here's Drew's obstacle course. It's actually 3D:

Thought I'd whip out the ole' camera and give my new flash a whirl. Clearly, I haven't figured it out yet. Can someone teach me how to use my flash?!

Here's Collin hard at work.

Here's Drew "pretending" to look at his work, because all the previous shots of him were no good. Flash issues.

Yeah, I wasn't buying it either, so I asked him to "pose" with a glue stick.

Oh forget it! Let's just move on.

Ah yes, here's Drew threatening to draw a "questionable" body part on his guy. Yep, it's the one you're thinking of.

Then Collin had to chime in with "Hey Drew. Spell 'I cup.'"
Drew: i-c-u-p
Everyone, all together now, "I see you pee."

Then, we started to get extremely off track, but since this is a family blog, I'll leave it at that. And it IS church night, after all.


Kathy said...

ROFL!!! I can SOOOOO relate to this post! What is it with little boys and their 'humor?' Your church night sounds quite entertaining! :)