the story of adam and eve

As told by Collin (age 8):

Well, the story starts out by God creating Adam as a man. And Adam wanted a girl, so the next day, he woke up married to a girl.
God took them to the garden because they were just naming animals.
And then God said, "do not take the fruit from the middle tree. It is sin."
Satan got into the garden, disguised as a huge lizard, (a dark one), and Eve was surprised that the lizard could talk.
The lizard tried to get them to eat from the middle tree. And the lizard convinced Eve to eat from the tree.
Then Adam told Eve, "we can't take a bite from the tree; otherwise we will die."
God came and said, "Adam, why are you scared of me?"
And Adam said, "because I am naked."
God said, "you aren't naked; you are wearing clothes." They were made out of leaves.
And then Adam and Eve told God they had eaten from the tree, and Adam said, "well, I didn't do it. Eve told me to do it."
And then Eve said, "No, the lizard told me to do it."
The lizard didn't want to be punished, so he just made a hissing noise.
Then they were punished and sent away from the garden.

Me: That's a very interesting story. Do you think the 'lizard' might have been a snake?"
Collin: It could have been a snake. I think it was some kind of reptile.


Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure I have the words. Well, at least he's cute, right? ;-)

This look is so 'eight.'

Yep, I overdid it again. Bring in the next model!!!

Look who got biggest brother's blue eyes.

I'm totally sticking with the lollipop routine. Big brother sticks it in her mouth, then quickly takes it out and holds it right next to my lens. Works like a charm!

I'm laughing my head off over this picture. Drew was a little slow with the lollipop, and Livs wasn't happy. She's shaking her fist and thinking "Why, I oughtta...."

Of course there was some lip pursing.

But all in all, sis did good this time! Looks like she even surprised herself! :-)


Kathy said...

The "Why, I oughtta..." caption made me laugh! I'm really glad to know my kids aren't the only ones that have their own interpretations of Bible stories! ;)