dum. duh-duh-duh. dum. dum.

That was the tune to the graduation march. You got that, right? ;-)

This was supposed to be a fun post. Drew got his picture taken at preschool wearing his cap and gown. A bright blue cap and gown on a...wait for it...bright blue background??? Yikes! I'm not posting it for fear anyone would think I took that picture! The colors are quite jarring and just might burn your little retinas right out of your head.

Then at the graduation program, I was in charge of video, and Doron was in charge of pictures. No offense to my husband, (bless his little heart) he did his best, but those pictures aren't blog-worthy either. Sure glad we spent so much money on that awesome flash, since the pictures continue to look like poo whenever we use it. (And I won't mention the fact that although my husband got several (thousand) pictures of Drew waiting his turn to cross the stage, while Drew was actually shaking hands with the preschool director and receiving his diploma, Doron the camera had "focusing issues."

After the program, we went outside to take a few candidly posed shots, and out of probably 50, I got two. How, HOW do you get three kids to look at you and smile???!

Here's all I got:


Drew has another graduation program next Tuesday, so maybe I'll have better pictures to share then! :-)
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anna said...

*gasp* the kissing one is SO CUTE! ..and I know what you mean--SO frustrating with 3, they are NEVER looking the same direction. ..Drew is so cute in his cap & gown. I'm going to miss the preschool days too! *wiping away a tear*

Adeena said...

The kissing one is adorable!!

The way I usually do it is to tell the older two to only look at me, and then hope the baby looks when I call her name!

Works... rarely. ;)

pdbonnie said...

Grandpa especially loved this picture. It brought tears to his eyes.