backlighting: another experiment

I'm still experimenting with backlighting. I'm getting the glowy hair, but I'm not loving all the haze. I've seen professional photos backlit with haze, but I've also seen some that are very sharp.

I didn't have a baby wrangler with me on this particular occasion, and my preschooler and I lost control of the baby in short order. This wasn't quite what I was going for.

The morning sun was beautiful, the tall grasses glorious, but due to the fiesty nature of my subject, I didn't get to experiment with the lighting as much as I would have liked.



I feel like this post is a jumble of random pictures. I'm definitely going to try this spot again. And I hope the little senorita will be ready because next time I'm bringing backup. ;-)


Anna said...

These are BEAUTIFUL--I'm especially loving the B&W. Great job! Let me know if you adjust your settings at all for the lack-of-haze look. I always have to adjust the Levels after the fact, but I do have a much-less-intelligent snapper. ;) Keep experimenting!

pdbonnie said...

I loved the picture with little miss standing on the chair. The light added an otherworld dimension to the picture. It brings to mind the phrase, kissed by the sun.

Adeena said...

Well, I think the one with her standing on the chair is adorable!! :D

That, and the B&W one. Very nice. :)