touch-up Tuesday: free actions

OK, I'm not going to lie. I'm a bit of an action junkie. I could give you the list, but it's pretty long. So for my touch-up Tuesday edit today, I'm going to show you my basic workflow for portrait shots. And it's all with FREE actions that you can get online. You don't have to spend a bunch of money to get a good edit.

OK, here's a shot of Collin SOOC:

Here's edit #1, with all FREE actions:

What I did:
Aly's Basic Boost (free online) - it's a slight curves boost
soft light blending mode at 25% - built into CS4
clone tool for red spot on chin - standard tool
Pioneer Woman's warmer action at 50% - free - I use this action all the time!
Haze Cutter action on eyes only - free online

I use that basic workflow for 99% of my portrait edits. All free stuff!

If you're joining us for touch-up Tuesday for the first time, you can find the instructions in the menu bar on my home page.

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Adeena said...

Collin is a cutie! :D That edit is awesome - brightens him up the perfect amount!

LOVE the DOF, by the way. :)

elizabeth said...

thanks so much for sharing your editing steps -
you really should get down here and tutor me!!!
Love how your photos look so natural- not overly processed. Thanks for posting this

Kathryn said...

I really like the post processing on this one! Thanks for the tip on the freebies

Lynda said...

I just found your blog-hop and I love it! I'm adding it to my Be Inspired page; come check it out!

I, too am an action junkie! I love free actions and textures, so I really appreciate the details you took to edit this one!

You did a wonderful clean-up job with this portrait!