day 199: thankful


Waking up to a smashed-in car window is not really how you want to begin your day.
Shattered glass on your driveway and a policeman on your doorstep at 7:00 in the morning isn't fun.
My husband's car was outside overnight because we were staining furniture in the garage.
At first I felt shocked, then sad. Not angry.

Then I felt thankful.
Thankful that was all they did.
Thankful they did no other damage to the car.
Thankful that we have the means to replace the window. So many don't even have jobs.
Thankful that my husband can miss a day of work whenever he needs to, and it's fine.

So very thankful they did not come inside, as happened to several of our neighbors.
Thankful they did not use the spare key to our home that was inside the car,
waiting to be given to my parents the next morning.

Thankful my children are safe.

Thankful that if this was our trial to bear for the day, then we got through it.
Windows can be replaced.
Children cannot.

Thankful to God for His hand of protection.


Aleasing said...

Thankful that you and Doron have been such a Godly role model for my grandchildren in handling such a scarey event!!!!

Natalie said...

Whoa. Praising God with you that you are all safe and sound.

Kevin said...

Thankful for you example and testimony to all of us through this

Adeena said...


Sorry it happened, but praising God that you're all okay!

Anna K. said...

God's protection is wonderful, isn't it? Always at work...buffering, shielding...even when we're unaware that we need it!

I'm adding my thankfulness with yours, m'dear!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh my goodness. I can imagine what you must be feeling but you're so right, at least it was the car and not your home. I stay a tad bit nervous at home during the week because I'm alone (shhhh) - thus the reason we have an alarm system and a guard cat. :) So glad that everything is okay.

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

So not a fresh start to your day. You are right - it could have been so much worse. Hugs.

Hoping for sunnier skies for your fam tomorrow

Mindy Mc said...

thankful for you friend...and your beautiful perspective. material possessions are so temporary.... thanks for the reminder to be thankful in all things. love you!