moving right along...

Are you ready for some more vacation shots? I had to snap a picture of my great-grandmother's house. Isn't this incredible? I never met her, but she actually lived in this house.

I haven't been inside, but it looks like just one room.



ATV's seem to be a common theme in the Branson pictures, wouldn't you say?


OK, no laughing and pointing here. Before you think I got carried away and processed the life out of this shot, this was pretty much SOOC. I was shooting in manual, and had to overexpose this picture so Livia wouldn't be a silhouette. I overdid it a little, but I love her face. In Photoshop, I actually darkened her a bit, if you can believe that!


I don't usually post two of the same shots back to back, but I couldn't decide between color and b&w on this one. So there ya go!

I wish I could take credit for this last shot, but sadly I cannot. This was taken by my favorite cousin. What a show-off she is!! Just kidding Rach! :-)

It was hysterical. I'm sitting there with my monsterous camera, fiddling with buttons, adjusting settings, using flash and dragging the shutter, and I came home with nothing. Nada! My cousin is just sitting there calmly...click, click, click...and gets this! Grrrrr!

Have you tired of my vacation pictures yet? There are more on the way. I told you I took 2,300, right?


Adeena said...

Your Great-Grandmother's house is so cool! It's amazing how tiny they were.

Love Livia's face in the swing shot! :D And, I think I like the B&W one. It's more dreamy or something. :)

Your cousin takes awesome pics. ;)

So what, you're down to 2,000 left or something now, right? ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm not tired of them...keep them coming. And that old house...did it have indoor plumbing? Probably not. My husband's great grandparents didn't and his grandma once told me that they didn't want to poop where they ate (or something like that).

Natalie said...

What great-granddaughter with a camera wouldn't LOVE to take pictures of that house. SO much character!

Carol said...

That house is a slice of history...I'd love to step inside and feel the wood, and look out of the windows.

The last shot is amazing!

elizabeth said...

Wow - I fell in love w/ your great- grandmothers home - how cool is that - that it is still standing!! Glad you took some pictures of it - memories!!!

pdbonnie said...

What an amazing house. I can just imagine what life was like in her lifetime. This is a living part of your history - incredible. More amazing pitures. I loved the ones of Livia. I am going to call you the ATV family. Even Livia is getting in on the fun.

Warren Baldwin said...

Frequently I stop while driving in the country and take pictures of old houses and barns. I'm not that good with a camera so I don't always know the best angles, lighting, etc., but I enjoy the experience. Neat you were able to get pictures of your great-grandmother's house.