my joy

My baby boy.
My middle child.
The absolute joy of my life.


Full of silliness, always laughing, forever smiling.
Making my life brighter each day.

I can't wait to wake you up each morning.

I always tell you that you are the cream filling in my Oreo cookie.

My special boy that always needs extra love. And you get it, too.
My only child that tell me he loves me several times a day. Just out of the blue. For no special reason.

When I speak firmly to someone, you are the first to say "I love you mom," just so you won't be in trouble too.


You always speak your mind. Wherever and whenever you choose. You do not filter.

When we go somewhere to play, you are the one that leaves with 5 new friends. And you know all their first and last names.

You're not necessarily a leader, but you're not a follower either. You are your own person, and do your own thing. Children are drawn to you, and you embrace them all.


You are sharp as a whip, and when you start school, I think you're going to blow us away. I expect great things.

I pray you always find the joy in life. Be funny, be silly, make people laugh. Be yourself. But make all of those things second to knowing and loving God. Let Him guide you.


My special, silly boy, with your goofy faces and funny songs.
My easiest baby.
Such a joy to our family. Not allowing us to take ourselves too seriously.
You bring us so much happiness.
We love you, cream filling.

Happy 6th Birthday!


Aleasing said...


Mindy Mc said...

beautiful...I love reading what you say about your children<3 Happy Birthday Drew!

Adeena said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!! :D

I think you and Michael would get along swimmingly if you ever met. :)

Mama Hen said...

Happy 6th birthday! This was beautiful Karli! I hope you made a copy! These pictures are super and your letter is beautiful! I hope you have a great celebration!

Mama Hen

Kathryn said...

What a sweet tribute to your sweet little man! Happy birthday, Drew!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

this is so beautiful.. My son is my peanut butter and my chocolate.. LOL but He is a.d.h.d ..and so much extra work..and his defiance.. is exhausting to me when he is only 5. I lvoe the pictures.. and the post.

Brooke G. said...

That was such a sweet post and he is one special guy!
Happy Birthday to him :D

Carol said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy! The line you wrote about knowing and loving God brought tears to my eyes. Isn't that just the best wish we can make for our children.

Happy 6th birthday little one.

pdbonnie said...

Brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful words for a precious child. Happy Birthday to our wonderful grandchild!