she stole the show

She goes by many names. Tiny Tornado, Tiny Twister, Tiny Terror. Miss Sis. Little Mess. Her Royal Pudgness.

I was supposed to be taking pictures of Doron's 41st bithday party. The party guests were there, ready to be photographed: our clan of 5, my parents, even Doron's mother all the way from Israel.

Did I snap ONE picture of anything but Miss Sis? Why no, I did not.
She stole the show.
Here she is catching her first glimpse of her very first cupcake. Well, the first cupcake she was allowed to eat by herself anyway.

My boys have been begging me to do a cake smash ever since Livia turned one.

Her Birthday was in March.

In the spirit of disorganization, I am 4 and a half months late. And I wouldn't really call this a cake smash. A cupcake mangling, if anything.

Isn't she lovely? So ladylike.

If you're wondering how many pictures I can possibly post of my baby eating a cupcake, then you haven't been reading my blog very long.

Always there to keep me humble, my 8-year-old informed me this picture was horrible. Why would I want to make a picture grey? Yucky.

This last smile of the evening preceeded the shrieks and screeching that ensued when we tried to pry the last crumbs from her chubby little hands.

Happy 41st birthday honey! Sorry I didn't get a picture of you! ♥

Oh, and yes...I did order Barbie cupcakes for my husband's birthday. I'm funny like that.


Ashley Sisk said...

LOL these pictures make me smile. Is that an old school high chair? I've told my mom to keep an eye out for one because I want one (well for the future) - think of all the photography experiments. I love how your kids are giving you direction on what you should be shooting. This is great. Happy Birthday Doron...even if you didn't take his picture.

Mama Hen said...

What a little cutie! These pictures are sweet and so is that cupcake! Happy birthday to hubby! Have a great night Karli!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable and the photos are fantastic! Happy Birthday to Doron.

Kristi said...

Such a cutie! I love the first cupcake experience. ^_^

Anna K. said...

I smiled my way through every one of those photos...she is so cute!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Doron!

The Wishful Lamb said...

She is so pretty! I love the pigtails! Happy birthday!

Jodee Leader said...

What a hoot! I love the black and white picture!

Kim said...

Fun pictures! Our daughter is also know at the tiny tornado in our house too, it made me smile! I hear you are busy making blog buttons for Jodee and Jan, how fun!

Anna said...

LOL--I know well the death-scream of a toddler robbed of food. And I am swooning over that 1st one especially--the look on her face is SO perfect. ..love these, they were a 'smash.' (..oh, and happy bday to your hubby!)

Brooke G. said...

I don't even know where to begin. Those pigtails!!! That cupcake!!!! The AMAZING photos!!! That big toothy grin!!!! All of it, amazing. And I can't help but laugh that you didn't get one photo of your hubby on his big day. If he is anything like my hubby - he is totally used to it - hee hee!!!! :D

Adeena said...


She is so adorable!!!! How come you always post so few pictures of her?!?? ;)

I'm also pretty sure she's my new niece, since I think we're adopting you into our family. ;)

Happy Birthday to Doron!

Clare B said...

Gorgeous photos Karli. I think I'd be taking 100's of photos of her too if she looked so adorable eating cupcakes.

cooperl788 said...

These pictures are priceless :) I love photos of kids with frosting. Happy birthday to your hubs!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! I don't think any of us are complaining about all the cute pictures of her!!

Jboo said...

What a little cutie! That girl loves her cupcake! Yum -- pass on to me please! :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wendy said...

Eh, at 41, she probably has enough pictures of herself! Wonder what she would do with an entire cake! Great shots.

Bean said...

She is so cute!! XD

I want to do a cupcake smash with Deklan for his 1st birthday (which is coming up sooner than I like to think!! Three days, yikes!) but I may not go for the barbie frosting. Or I might, I don't know. Depends on how I feel.

Happy Birthday to Doron! My new adopted brother-in-law! :D

Jane said...

Happy birthday. Your little girl looks sooo sweet.

Kathryn said...

I totally missed the fact that the cupcake was Barbie until I got to the end of the post! LOL So happy that Doron is manly enough to pull off Barbie cupcakes and share his "big day" with your lil' sweets! She's a dollie! Great pics.....as usual! :)

Natalie said...

Another series of great photos! Looks like she was enjoying herself immensely! Just put these in the album under her 1st b'day. No one will ever know and I won't tell. ;-)

Buckeroomama said...

I can so relate and understand why you'd have a million photos of your Tiny Tornado --in a post about your husband's birthday! =)

Oh, and I love it that she has those nicknames... I used to call J His Royal Chubbiness when he was a baby and Z was (and still is!) the Darling Diva!