touch-up Tuesday

Hi everyone! Welcome to touch-up Tuesday! We had a record number of edits last week - twenty-two! I am getting so many great ideas from you guys...new actions to try, new ways of editing...thanks! :-)

My edit this week is not quite what I had planned. (Thanks to your suggestions, I downloaded several new action sets that I was so excited to try. But for some reason, they just weren't working on the photo I wanted to use. Bummer! I was looking forward to trying some actions from My Four Hens Photography and Nelly Nero's Time Capsule set. Maybe next week!) :-)

Since the artsy stuff wasn't happening for me, I thought I'd stick to what I know best; the "clean edit." I'm showing you my edit first, because when you see the SOOC first, the edit looks too light.


Now for my SOOC - oops! Well, I am the self-proclaimed queen of underexposure, after all.


I could have avoided this massive underexposure by metering off one of my kids' faces, rather than using evaluative metering.

The steps for my touch-up:
Aly's Basic Boost
soft light blending mode
Everyday Vintage action to get the sky color; masked it off everything else
MCP's touch of light, just on the kids

I came up with a few more versions, but they were so similar to my clean edit, I thought I'd just stick with one for this week. Next week I promise to do something more artsy!

Please copy and paste the code below in your post, and be sure to link to your touch-up Tuesday post; not your blog home page. Thanks! :-)

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Ashley Sisk said...

It's a common mistake but easily fixed. Nice work.

Buckeroomama said...

I always love your clean edits! That's what I try to aim for each time, but then I get sucked into all the other stuff! :)

Clare B said...

Sometimes I think the clean edit is better than an artsy over-processed look. And harder to achieve!

Holly said...

I prefer the clean edit usually myself... I guess I'm not typical in the Blogosphere... LOL!!

Getting it perfect with the camera isn't nearly as critical as it used to be. I LOVE how editing improves an image!! Even when I look at the picture and think "It can't get any better than that..." And by GOLLY, it DOES!! It turns into WOW!! ;D I LOVE your edit!

Buckaroomama: I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! *sigh* <3

Natalie said...

Sweet picture and nice edit! I have been editing pictures like crazy lately, just nothing I can post right now. I hope to join in again soon.

Tanya said...

beautiful pictures! Surprised you do this just for fun. You seem to have a real talent :) Following because I LOVE PICTURES!

Adeena said...

The edit is not too light! It's lovely! :D

I love the reflection on the water in the background.

Carrie said...

Love the edit!! I always love to see the befores! ;)

You have a lovely blog and really know how to rock your camera!!! I look forward to looking around some more and getting to know you!

Christy said...

Love your blog!! You've got some great stuff on here! Your images are wonderful, and I too am the queen of under exposure!

Natalie said...

LOVE the lake in the background of your shot for this week! (And by the way, I am also the queen of under exposure at times!..but that's why we have editing programs to help us out right?!) :-) Very nice edit!

Sofia said...

Lovely photo!! Ok, so...where can I buy a dress like your daughter's in my size? It is oh so pretty!

Karli said...

Hello! This post is for Natalie from "The Franklins" ... I'm so sorry but your blog is not letting me leave a comment. I feel so bad when that happens! I'm not sure if you'll check back here, but if so...please let me know. I always feel bad when I can't respond to someone. Thank you! :-)

Megan said...

I love the edit! Personally, I like "bright" images, all bathed in light- beautiful!

Tiffany said...

love the edit it really enhances the beauty of the photo and their skin tones :-) love it!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I love this sweet photo. I think the edit it just right. Not too much.

Mama Hen said...

There is my favorite dress again! It is really cute. That is why I remembered it from the blue door picture. So where are you putting all of your pictures now? You have not started any books? Your kids will love your work as they get older! You have captured their youth! Have a great day my friend!

Mama Hen

Courtney said...

Great save! ;) Very nice capture. So sweet!

Nicole said...

Your photo is beautiful. I'm still learning everything and I'm a little in the dark. Some day I will take more time to really educate myself. If anyone is interested I am at anotherdayanotherdiaper-mom.blogspot.com. Comments are always welcome as well as tips!

I am happy to be participating in Touch Up Tuesday. Thanks!

Eboix said...

I am a new follower and first time particpating, great photos, love your blog! You have amazing talent!