touch-up Tuesday is moving!

Last week, I mentioned that because of my crazy schedule, I was going to change touch-up Tuesday to only the first Tuesday of each month. Then I got an email from Chelsey at The Paper Mama, asking if she could take over for me. I thought that was a perfect idea. So touch-up Tuesday lives on, WEEKLY, with a new and improved hostess!

Chelsey started a new blog called Paper ♥ Camera, so beginning next week, that's where the Mr. Linky will be. I'll still occasionally play too; I'll just link up over at Chelsey's. :-) Hope to see you there!

So let's get to the SOOC. Almost a silhouette, but not quite. I cannot take a square picture to save my life, and I always tip my camera the wrong way, making the person look like they're falling forward. Whoops!


I rotated and cropped a bit, but I didn't want to go any further. I didn't want to lose too much sky, or too much fence, or too much of Collin's body. The more you rotate, the more that will be cropped off. I wanted it to look like he was leaning backwards, but that didn't quite happen - oh well!

For my first edit, I did the following:
MCP Fingerpaint at 80%
PW's Dim the Lights at 50% - this is FANTASTIC when you "almost" get a silhouette
MCP's Urban Ocean at 25%
PW's cooler action at 65% (the clouds were a bit too yellow)


For my second edit, I did the following:
MCP Fingerpaint at 80%
color balance slider to red +50
PW's Dim the Lights at 50%
soft light blending mode at 70%
Isabelle Lafrances' Warm Retro action


So there you have it. ;-) I would have preferred more of Collin's body (like in the SOOC), but he was falling so far forward it looked a little off to me. That was the reason for the crop.

Here's the button to copy and paste in your post.

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Hope you'll join in and share your SOOC and edit(s)!

Remember, this is the last week touch-up Tuesday will be on my blog. Starting next week, it will be over at Chelsey's. :-)


Just Me said...

I love the 2nd edit! The coloring is great. I wish I had some photos like that of my kids when they were smaller.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Why didn't ya just flip the picture.. then he would hae been leaning the other way??? Or maybe not.. I still love this shot...no matter what you think. THe SOOC is pretty awesome.IMO

Casey Martinez said...

I love that you share your steps! Helps me to think outside of my work flow box! This is a great edit:). Thanks again so much for the e-mail responses. I laughed when I read about how to get a child to look at a camera. Oh my gosh I can SO relate..especially when photographing clients kids. They don't even seem to think I or my camera exists!! hahahaha:) Have a great day!

Christine said...

I like your 2nd edit the best, the blue of the sky really makes the image pop!

Natalie said...

I also shared a silhouette photo too! Not on purpose tho! Accidental photo that just worked well! I love yours, how the sun is peeping through the bend of his elbow is awesome!

Ashley Sisk said...

see...it all starts with a great photo to begin with. I love both edits. When I went back to my SOOC, I realized that it really required quite a bit of help. Thank god for photo shop. Have a great week my friend...and notice what time I'm linking up.

Jodi said...

Love the second edit! It's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love the last edit! Great job!

Fiona Designs said...

Great edits! Photoshop is the best!


Adeena said...

Nice job! I love the sky in the first edit, but I really like the second edit, too.

Nicole said...

Your shot is amazing and your edits are perfect. I love the color in the first edit, but the second edit has a ray of orange and I love that too! You have a beautiful eye!

Holly said...

I like all 3!! Even the SOOC is COOL!!
I'm short on time lately, so I didn't do anything fancy... pretty clean edit. I'll look forward to seeing you sometime at Paper Mama... Good luck with all that chaos going on. ((HUGS))