10 on tuesday

1. Is it a clue that your one-year-old has been watching too much Dora the Explorer if she yells out "RAPIDO!!!" when you're a little slow with lunch? (True story).

2. Collin says he's never having kids because he "doesn't want to have to use a fake happy voice and act interested in nonsense." (This came shortly after my oohing and aahing over Drew's stick figure with hands the size of baseball mits).

3. I just spent $19 on hair product for my Kindergartner. {cough}

4. Do all babies wear Mr. Potato Head glasses on their neck?


No? It's just Livia?



5. Does anyone know what this "search" thing on menu bar is for?


6. Only a baby girl with two older brothers would have "whoopie cushion" in her daily vocabulary. Pronounced: "shaba sheen." Used in a sentence: "Mo' shaba sheeeeeeeeeen!!!"

7. Further proof of why I will never become a portrait photographer - ugh!


8. I LOVE SIBLINGS!!! Livia can count to 13, knows her colors and shapes (even the hard ones!) and can recognize most of her letters. I didn't teach her those things! I hear the boys reading to her constantly, singing to her, counting with her, doing puzzles, etc. Thanks guys! :-)

On a similar note, it's heartwarming/heartbreaking to see Livia walk around the house while her brothers are at school saying "My bubbies go?" "My bubbies all gone?" {sniff}


9. Will someone please teach me how to do my daughter's hair before she's old enough to realize I have no clue what I'm doing?


10. Due to the untimely passing of Backalone Exclophians Bonnie, we thought we were home free and would never have to deal with fish again were informed by our 6 year old that he would like to start over with a whole new tank of fish. Just terrific.

So those are the current events at our house this week. What's new at your house? :-)

Have a great Tuesday!


Sheri said...

LOL Rapido!!!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - quite a day you're having my friend. This is quite a departure from your typical posts and I'm loving it. A few thoughts: let me come over and do that poor child's hair...or she'll be wearing Mr. Potatohead glasses forever, and 2. that search button is so we can search your blog. I search my own all the time...because I'm a dork. You crack me up - can we fast forward to the retirement home?

SarahinSC said...

Hahaa! "Where my bubbies go!" She's learning some appropriate Spanish too! Great post! I think the "Search" bar searches your RSS feed. So if I type in "rapido", I would get this post.

Mandy said...

Ooooh my gosh! I love that she said "Rapido!" to you. I mean... it's a sassy little girl thing to say, but so cute. :-)
And I think her hair looks cute in piggy's.

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

I love the well thought out reason to never have children...that's brilliant!!! Super cute post Karli, & I just want you to know one of my top reasons I'm happy I only have boys is that my daughter's hair would be messed up everyday & people would think that her dad must be a single dad!

kitten said...

My Bubbies go? That is too cute!!!

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh Karli!!!!!! This is the BEST post! Oh gosh, I just ♥LURVE♥ it! Wow!
And gosh, no pictures of gross feet! ;o)

Where did my Bubbies go???? Awwwwww!


Jill said...

My favorite post yet! :) Collin has got to be the coolest kid ever.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Ha ha ha! Oh my! She sounds just like our Naomi! Too funny and cute! Keeping a tight rope on our sassy one :-)

Love the shot of them by the water - GORGEOUS!

Love the shots of her in the highchair too!

Beautiful blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy me said...

Too much to <3 in one post!
"Rapido!" LOL
Speech Bubbles !!!
What Collin said. That boy is deep!

What is it with kids and fish names?
As a 3 year old Kelsey cried for two days over the loss of (wait for it).......
Darla Darla Katy Katy <--one fish

:) & <3,

Julie said...

You are funny! #1 is very cute! And #2 is HILARIOUS! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Jhen.Stark said...

Love the piggies, love the pictures, love your blog!

Gosh, you are amazing behind the camera! Absolutely amazing... half of it makes me through my camera away and give up 'cause you're just so good... the other half INSPIRES ME TO GET BETTER {don't worry, I'm choosing the latter}.

Your boys are just so handsome and I love that they teach your precious little one! Makes me wish my Joss had older brothers!

cooperl788 said...

I love seeing all the little snippets from your daily life - like getting to glimpse in and see what a typical day is like. I can't do Georgia's hair either, so don't feel too badly. She has a mullet, but she won't sit still so I can put it in a ponytail or pigtails. I usually end up clipping back the bangs and letting her mullet run wild.
I love the pics of Livia with her brothers - so sweet and so awesome that they spend so much time with her.
Hope your day today is wonderful my friend!

Jaymi said...

I think your portraits are great, you could definitely be a portrait photographer!

elizabeth said...

you made me laugh today!!!!
Have a wonderful turkey day and eat lot's of pie
and her hair is cute enough!!!

AmyLee said...

oh my gosh this was hilarious. and you talk of siblings? makes me wanna think about more than just one more kid. stop that!

AmyLee said...

oops, make that *your talk of siblings... sorry.

Brooke G. said...

Rapido! Heeee. That is hysterical. The necklace/sunglasses are too. Love this post! Have a great Thanksgiving.
And, um... about the hair. You are in luck, we are headed right into HAT season!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

These are great! Dustyn wears the glasses like that!She is so smart! I am looking forward to that. Those pictures are adorable!!

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me laugh so hard. Every part of it : )
The glasses! The hair : )
The Rapido and Whoopie Cushion!

Adeena said...



Shaba sheen?

Collin's face in the portrait?

Livia's hair?

Yes. All those things are making me laugh. :) I heart this post!

Stephanie said...

My girls break out in random Spanish thanks to Dora as well. I choose to look at it as a good thing, they're bilingual!

This post made me laugh. A lot. Thanks for that :)


Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

ha! Wyatt wears those glasses around too so its not only her. plus I dont know why you think you couldnt be a portrait photographer you basically to it with livia all the time. (I dont want girls just for the fact that I would have to be girly and I am not girly.)great post!

Casey Martinez said...

What a sweet and fun post! I love seeing your kiddos together and hearing how your little girl looks up to her brothers so much. My hubby and his brother have a younger sister about the same age spans apart...only all adults now. She will be well taken care of all of her life:).

Wendy said...

Very funny! $19 on haircare is just the beginning. Wait'll first grade!

Jess said...

Ha ha! This is so real life! Except we played so hard with the whoopee cushion it didn't even last two weeks.

Please, please... when you figure out how to do Livia's hair, let me know too.

And short people here wear Mr. Potato head glasses occasionally too. I worry about it deforming their little heads.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! Taylor used to wear Mr. Potato head glasses the same way! It's obvious in your photos how crazy your boys are about their little sister, and how much she loves them. I think that makes you a fabulous portrait photographer!
Livia looks so grown up in that last photo - she looks like a little girl instead of a toddler. Time goes TOO FAST! My "baby" is 19 and he should only be about 7.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha...too cute! Great shots. :)

Melissa Stover said...

at least she has enough hair for pigtails! i love them. my daughter hates when her siblings aren't home too.

Naomi said...

Oh my gosh--thanks for the smiles and laughter--love your post and photos :) If I ever have a girl--I will not know how to do her hair either! I can't even style my own-ha!

Ashley said...

I love this post! It's so fun to hear about what goes on behind the camera! When Nate was about 2.5 he wore those same potato head glasses everywhere. But he had them stuffed on his face. I can't find my pics of it! haha. So cute. I'm dying over the bubbies too, how fricking precious is that!? Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving friend! xo

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Love your list. I'm horrible at doing my daughter's hair too. Well most of the time she won't even let me brush it, so it's rare that I get to fix it. But when I do it never comes out good.

Mom of M&Ms said...

AWWW love the shots.. and you will be a professional as soon as ya come down and take some pics and I will pay ya...lol so happy to be back peakin ginto your life, and what the heck ...the tiny tornado is loosing her baby look and starting to look like a little girl..sniff sniff....Happy Thanksgiving Karlita.

Zhanetka said...

Rapido?!?!?!? You had me laughing hard with that one! Actually, I was laughing from beginning to end! And your little girl is not the only one who wears potatoe head glasses on her neck. My youngest one does the same thing. lol. I truly enjoyed reading this post :)

Amy said...

Such a cute daughter you have! I love all of your photos! I have two quick questions for you:

1. How did you get your slideshow in your header?
2. How did you take the picture of the marbles that is in your header slideshow.

If you get around to replying, please email me at bookloveraz at gmail dot com, or you can just leave me a comment. Thanks!

Anna said...

LOL at Liv's little antics and hilarious big-brother-inspired vocabulary! :) Love all all these tidbits, super fun posting. :)

Buckeroomama said...

I got a great laugh out of #2! You got called out by your son, bwahahaha! =)

pdbonnie said...

We are loving these. Love the expressions. can't beleive how much we miss them.