10 on tuesday (on sunday) - UGH!!

The bad news: I'm sure some of you got to see my lovely rough draft that posted earlier. Why are my posts publishing on their own? - ahhhh! (If you know me, you'll know how much this bothers me)! Has this ever happened to you?

The good news: I'm two days early with my 10 on Tuesday. This must be what it feels like to be organized. Wow. I likey.

So without further adieu, some happenings from our week:

1. We've been having some beautiful sunrises lately.

Which reminds me... lately I've had a thing for powerlines.

2. An e-friend just taught me the "mouse-over" trick. Hover (but don't click) your mouse over the picture above to see the SOOC. This isn't really a snow texture, although that's what I was going for. Do you know of any good textures that look like snowfall? I'd love to get my hands on one.

3. Why?



I have no idea.


4. Before our little squirt-fest, we had a bit of reading time. (The next few pictures are all kinds of edited because I forgot to change my settings from when I was out shooting a landscape. Boosting the contrast and saturation isn't always the best idea for pictures of an already pink baby. I tried to match the skin tones to the pictures above, though I'm not sure I succeeded. But I digress.


Short of standing on my head, Livia would not look up. So I got out a lemon.

Perhaps not my brightest move. The girl loves lemons.

I didn't try to fix the color on these two pictures below. Check out the change in the color of her face as I win the mother of the year award wave the lemon.

Clearly untraumatized, she gives me a second to change the settings on my camera. (Seriously, don't boost the saturation when your baby has chaffed cheeks).



We're all busy, aren't we? I'll spare you the story of the orange.

I'm getting the feeling that our little photo-taking extravaganza is coming to an end.


Three kids later and I'm a master of non-verbal communication. Yep, we're totally done.

5. Our alarm clock is set for 6:40, but we hit the snooze button until 7:15 every morning. We enjoy the added level of difficulty in getting 5 people ready in 45 minutes. What's that? You're wondering if we're one of those families that lays clothes out and packs lunches the night before? Oh, you silly, silly friends.

6. I'm really loving the sounds of Dora the Explorer around my house in the mornings. Did you know I used to be semi-fluent in Spanish? I used to do interviews in Spanish and hire people to work at Kawasaki Motors. Now there's Random Fact #743 about me.

7. Remember how I said I love siblings? I just heard my baby say "DUH!" which reminds me that yesterday I heard her say "bummer."

8. With the boys in school all day, they're not getting a lot of blog time (says Grandma). I ran across some pictures of Drew that I never posted. They were deemed not blog-worthy (we were having smiling issues). Maybe Grandma won't mind.



9. You know you love photography when you find yourself buying fruit just so you can photograph it. (You so know you've done this too).
Edit: I can't stand these next two shots and was going to re-shoot them tomorrow. But since it's bugging me that my rough draft is roaming around the internet, I now present you with two blah raspberry shots. You're welcome.


10. If this shot had turned out, I would have used it for one of my Project 365 pictures and titled it "why my kids don't ride the bus" or something equally cheesy. Even though it was a gigantic flop, I'm posting it anyway because Collin was so sweet to stand with me on the street corner in the cold. He said he would protect me if anyone tried to hassle me. I like him.

In even more exciting news, check out our new Trader Joe's in the background!! I have no idea what one might find in Trader Joe's, but I'm super excited we have one!

So there you have it. A few of the happenings around the Bonnie household for the week. Hope you're having a good one too! ♥


Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful! The last shot is so cool & the first thing I noticed was the Trader Joe's! Okay, the second thing...the speeding school bus was the first.

I happen to like your raspberry shots, but if you think they're too blah, that Andrea Walter Soft Recovery action might be what you're looking for? I recently purchased fruity flavored popcorn just to photograph it! :-)

Livia is looking adorable as usual, and that middle shot of Drew is wonderful! I love that big smile!

I do have a question - what camera settings do you use to get such natural looking skin tones? My son has such red cheeks, I always have to edit A LOT to get him not looking sunburned! It is much better since I set to neutral.

Reading Allowed said...

Just found you via Ashley Sisk's blog, great photos! And wow, I don't think those are blah raspberry shots at all! I would be delighted if that came out of my camera!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Oh MY gosh.. I LOVE TRADER JOES. The one in Omaha opened the weekend that I was partying, I mean, loading up the truck. Have not been to one since I left California..and it is too funny that I noted Trader Joe's in your picture before I read your statement.

Hey, My kids are not bus riders either. In Nebraska we could spit on the school from our front door.. Here it is two miles.. the whole neighborhood rides the bus, except two girls, whose mother happens to teach at said school.. My 8 year old pulls out some serious professional level whining almost every day about "not being allowed to ride the bus"! Sucks to have a mean Mom!

Sheri said...

great shots!! i am eating ice cream so i cant bother to punctuate or comment on them al...but drew is a doll

Ashley Sisk said...

You know I love this...I really like your bus shot and I don't typically buy fruit to photograph, but now I will - because I like following you around like a small child, eh Tiny Tornado. I love the power line shot. WHat did you use as snow? That looks so magical. So ya for 10 on Tuesday, posted on Sunday. LOL

SarahinSC said...

You make me laugh! You must be a master of non-verbal communication...how could you tell she was tired of having her picture taken? ;

I think that bus shot is SO cool!

Nat said...

Great shots! even your not-blog worthy ones. And you are going to love Trader Joes. It is AWESOME! I like this 10 on 10 idea I may have to do it next year for 11 on 11.

Uyen said...

wow, you will have to teach me the mouse-over (hover) trick...so cool! Plus I don't know what you are complaining about but the raspberry shots are so nice! Finally, your daughter reminds me very much of my 18 month old...mischievious! What a cutie!

SugarberrySensations said...

Karli, Karli, Karli,
First of all - THANK YOU for your incredibly sweet compliments on my work! It means a lot to me!!!!

Now, for your post and pictures! Oh my goodness, if she is not the CUTEST little girl! And the shot of her face changing colors - amazing! What the heck does that girl like lemons for?
And the shots of your son were deemed not blog ready? They are AWESOME!
As are your shots of the telephone lines, and those raspberries, oh. my. goodness. Those are INCREDIBLE!
And the bus??!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
And Trader Joe's?? I can NOT wait to head to the East end of the state to go there! I have never been, but do have bags from there!
Let us know what you think!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Karli - you are truly talented. I know I keep saying it but seriously friend - amazing! I have yet to buy fruit just to photograph it - but the thought is tempting if I could create shots that beautiful. You must have amazing light in your kitchen or dining room. Great job!

Love the bus shot! WOW!

The shots of your son are beautiful and I'm sure grandma is smiling!

Love love love the shots of your girl - her reflection and the fruit on the table! Beautiful work!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Ummm you are awesome and all of these photos are awesome. Even the raspberry ones. I LOVE the ones of Drew. They don't have to be perfect to be blogworthy. In my opinion I think they are perfect. Too funny about the squirt bottle. That is very cool with the scroll over. Trader Joes is a natural, organic store I believe. We don't have one close.

Klove said...

I love all your photos...cuz I, too, am one of your biggest fans. I don't get why you don't like the raspberries, bus or the drew shots. I would be so happy if I took those.

Also, TJs is one of my regular stops and I have a bunch of reasons it's one of the best stores in the world:
- hummus
- orange chicken
- chicken drummettes (kid food)
- salad dressings
- eggs! So good and so cheap!
- frozen, microwavable brown rice
- green salsa
etc, etc, etc...

Tracy said...

On the blog thing, it's not actually posting them, if anyone clicks on them it tells you the entry is not found. SO, basically it is showing us that you have started a blog entry, shows the first few lines but not the whole entry. I don't know why it does this, but it does it when you're working on a draft. Needless to say, I LOVE your 10 on whatever day you choose and only saw the first line about the sunrises and was anxiously waiting for tuesday to actually get to read the whole thing. :)

P.S. side note my cordi loves lemons too...and lately (though she knows they aren't) has been calling most fruits lemons. :) Loved that whole series of shots. ;)

AmyLee said...

oh man, the mouse over trick is UH-mazing. and i love your edit on those powerlines. i was totally not expecting your sooc shot to look like that. i love your edit! totally had me :)

Amy said...

Great job on the mouse over. I LOVE the snow edit! I wish I could take Livia away for a while. I love her. :-D If you think those berry pictures are "blah", I might have a heart attack when you post the good ones. They're great! I also love the school bus picture and the title that you gave it. :-) Thanks so much for stopping by. Your comments are so exciting to get!

Barbara said...

Wonderful images, even the raspberry ones. That one of your little girl with her face down on the table made me laugh so much - brilliant!

Natalie said...

Great post! Thanks for not making us wait until Tuesday for a smile.
Love the bus shot. eeek! As far as Trader Joe's goes - you will love it. I'm a big fan!

Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

HA ha haaaa haaa, you always make me laugh! always! and whats with the spray bottle? I wonder what makes kids do the things they do. ha ha... but what I love the most is that you sat there and took pictures! haha! I do the same thing! ha haha. great shots. my favs are... the spray bottle one that you can see the water spraying out, the first raspberry one (which those are my fav thing to eat for sure!!!) the bus is cool but I like the one of your son with the big smile. grandma should be proud. ;)

Stacey said...

1. I need to know how to do that mouse over trick.
2. I totally thought that second shot was snow, until I did the mouse over trick (reread #1).
3. Totally understand the snooze button comment. My daughter wakes up at 5:30 every morning, yet I still lay around in bed till 7. If I were smart (which I'm not) I would get up and shower, get her all ready to go, and teach her algebra because we would have loads of time. I prefer the laying in bed.
4. LOVE the bus shot!!
5. And Trader Joes!!!! Our closest one is a half hour away, yet I try to make it there at least once a month. You. Will. Love. It.
6. And speaking of TJ's.... Get there soon and try the dark chocolate dipped TJ's Candy Cane Joe Joe's.
7. Try them in the freezer.
8. You can thank me for #6 and #7 later.

Have a great Monday!

Jill said...

You will love Trader Joe's. :)

cooperl788 said...

I love seeing pics of Livia - she really is a Tiny Tornado! It's funny what little kids think are funny, their opinions, etc. Georgia loves lemons too - it's so strange to me that she loves such a strong taste!

Katie said...

I love her cute little cheeks! They look so kissable - I'm so glad Rowan has them too! :) Love the snow effect and I even like your "hideous" raspberry shots. ;) I can tell you Trader Joe's is a store...and that's about it.

Adeena said...

Cool powerlines shot!! Love it in the edit.

Love the spray bottle shots.

And the shots of Drew. His grin kills me!

The raspberry shots rock!!

That is a cool bus shot. And Collin? Awwww! :)

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

Your 10 on Tuesday posts are some of my very favorite blog reads EVER!!!! Pinky swear!!! {...I just made myself laugh, when I typed out "pinky" I actually typed out "prinky" & I was getting ready to hit post comment when I noticed it...that would have made you laugh right? ;)} Your bus shot is super awesome!

Skye said...

Great photos... as always. THe orange is very important! haha! I love the bus shot too - wow!

Anna said...

I always love your 10 on Tuesday..er Sunday rather. Always making me laugh! Great shots as always...and oh my goodness you HAVE to go in to Trader.Joes'!! I know how much you love organic/healthy type stuff...great, great GREAT store.

Michelle said...

Wow! There's so much good stuff on this post.

First - great job on the mouse-over trick. I need to learn that someday.

Second, you may find that the free textures here may be close to the snow you're looking for: http://ilafrancephoto.blogspot.com/2010/12/twelve-days-of-christmas-day-three.html

Love the bus shot and the series of your girl - all adorable. Cute boy, too! But yes, he definitely got overlooked by all the girl photos! :)

And I've been known to buy (and BORROW!) fruit before for the sake of pics... :)

Michelle said...

Oh - and I finally found it: I knew that I had a free action that added snow (and more snow!) to your pics. You can get it here: http://ilafrancephoto.blogspot.com/2009/11/christmas-freebies.html It's the winter wonderland action. Maybe that'll also be something you could use... :)

Ashley said...

Great post but not all the pictures are loading for me! :( I love these series you do of Livia, she is the cutest ever!

Traci said...

This was a wonderful surprise on Monday...so glad you've got mad non-verbal skillz. Bummer was funny, too. My 7yr-old recently said "dammit". I'm not winning mother-of-the-year either. Love coming here - your photos and wit are fabulous.

Zhanetka said...

As always, your photos are beautiful. And those shots of the raspberries are not blah. They are so vibrant and crisp that I wish I could put them out of the screen and eat em. A

Aside from that, your little girl makes me giggle!

The spraying! I found that quite entertaining.

An my youngest one has an obsession with lemons as well. I have no idea why.

Also, the non verbal communication part had me laughing. I can SOOOOOOO relate! lol

Buckeroomama said...

Like I always say, your blah shots are pretty awesome! I happen to really love that first shot of the raspberries. :)

Lexi said...

Great shots! Loved them all! your little girl is such a cutie.

haha love that bus shot. I hated riding on the bus in elementary school.

Jill said...

Awesome! Your daughter is so funny spraying herself in the face.

Liz said...

just to say those raspberries look great. I tried justy now and could not get thenm to look like these. Love them they are great.