snow at last!

Finally! We got our first big snow of the season! Many of you know I have been drooling over your snowy pictures, and I couldn't believe we hadn't gotten any yet. (Don't get me wrong, I hate all things cold/wintery/blustery...but this is the first winter that I've been into photography, so I was anxious to photograph it.

We got a call late last night that today the kids would be out of school for a snow day, so my dad swung by this morning, we piled up the kids and took off for a little expedition.

I like this one because it looks so quiet.

I would have taken more pictures like this, but it was actually snowing pretty hard while I was wandering the forest. I didn't want to keep cleaning off my lens.


This picture reminds me of our yearly ski trips when I was younger. I started skiing when I was five, and haven't been since high school. When the kids get older, I'd love to do a yearly Colorado ski trip. (Oh, and I wasn't have white balance issues here; I was feeling vintage-y today. :-) I was just messing around with some different processing).

I love this single tree all alone.


The picture below looks similar to the 4th one I posted, but it is a different shot. I processed this one differently; doesn't it look cold? (Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad out).



Dizzying, aren't they?

OK, no laughing and pointing. :-) This is why I don't tinker with textures. I love when everyone else does them, but I don't think they're my personal style. I wish they were, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Oh well! I'll just enjoy yours.

So there you go! Finally...some snow pictures.

I also want to thank everyone that commented on my Party of Three post yesterday! What sweet comments; and I was so happy to hear that several of you were inspired to do this with your own children. I think that's wonderful. I'm really excited about this project.

Your comments are such a blessing and encouragement to me! Thank you again and have a wonderful week! ♥


Natalie said...

Hey! We must have been posting snow pictures at the same time. ;-)
These are great! Who knew our cameras would have us lovin' snow so much?

Regarding yesterday's post: I am going for the lazy version. One picture a month with all my kids together. I love the idea.

Kim said...

Yeah for a snow day and snow in general! I love all of your pictures at Pioneers park. I couldn't make it out of our subdivison to go to work so I enjoyed every second of it.

Amarie said...

Going to try to do a once a month version also, lol! I have a young adult (18), a junior high-schooler, and a three-year-old, so it's almost impossible to get them all together, at the same time, for anything! Love the idea! And looove these photos, especially the way each one, although black and white, have a certain single tone that stands out. Lovely!

Carrie said...

I'm totally digging the vintage-y feel! Wonderful shots as always. BTW... thanks for your compliment on my little guy!

Anonymous said...

Is that barn a house? I'd love to live in an old barn {well, with all modern functions of course LOL}. Lovely shots. I really need to drive out to the country and take snow shots.

Karen said...

Karli, I enjoyed looking so much. And you had sooooo much snow, compared to our icy wintery mix. I did post a few birdie pics in the ice!
Hope you made a snowman with the kiddos!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OK - are you insane in the membrane? LOL!
Karli these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

You did such an amazing job - I'm totally impressed and would love them as notecards. Seriously - you FABULOUS! can't wait to see your macro shots!

I am proud of you :-) You know what I mean!

Your friend who sits in awe at the moment of God's glory all over this post and our lives!

Susan said...

Oh my, GORGEOUS!! I sure wish I could take some snow pictures, I guess I'd have to take a vacation to get some.

Keli said...

I love the texture picture. reminds me of a postcard or a puzzle.

Ashley Sisk said...

It's about time you got some snow - I was really tired of hearing you whine. LOL JK - Love these. It looks so magical.

elizabeth said...

i am jealous in a good way -
of all your snow.
It looks heavenly!!!

Joanne Fowler said...

So beautiful and serene... almost makes me enjoy the cold. But almost isn't good enough! I am a chicken to attempt landscapes. I just stare and snap and am disappointed. I have no idea where to start!

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic - look like postcards! The scenes remind me of the big snows we used to get when I was a kid. I enjoyed them then :-)

I don't see anything wrong with your texture edit. Looks to me like you did a great job!

Enjoy your snow days! Isn't it sad we can't get snow days without snow?! Well, maybe I should say isn't it sad we can't get snow without cold?!

Anonymous said...

I am so anti~snow but these photos make me want to live where it snows. Ok, I'm over it. I'll still with good ole' Arizona :]

Bean said...

Beautiful, Karli!! I love the second one, it's so peaceful. :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Breathtaking. I esp like the barn shot (I was raised on a farm). I will use that one in a post.

If you have a moment, please check out the current post (What Makes A Marriage Special).


Katie said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love them all!

I should have checked here before sending my last email.... I didn't leave our yard though, so we're good. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

Adeena said...

Nice job! :D Those are really lovely. I think the first one and the fifth ones just draw you in. :) And the tree standing alone is cool, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots! I love your vintage-y one. And I'm a texture junkie, but if everyone did them, how boring would that be?

We finally have snow too. It's supposed to fall through the night and I will be out shooting tomorrow...even if it's just in my backyard.


Tiffany said...

I have to say I love the efforts of the photos. You got a ton of snow and its quite beautiful. I didnt get to shoot ours last week from headaches every day but hope it snows tonight or tomorrow so I can finally can some. I love the processing and actions/etc you used they are very soft and natural looking. your such an inspiration and talent.

Tiffany said...

effects** sorry! :-)

Clare B said...

Gorgeous winter shots Karli - I'm a little jealous of all these people living within short distances of fields and big trees and white snow - makes city 'snow' look even more dirty.

Colleen said...

We're supposed to be getting some snow today and I can't wait! I've already got ideas and plans for my pictures.

As for textures... I LOVE everyone's photos with all the great textures, but every time I try to use a texture, it just looks weird. So I don't either.

Love Letters To China said...

Gorgeous photos of the snow! We don't experience any weather like that where we live. It's so much fun seeing all the amazing photos that are out there this time of year. Makes me want to live somewhere to enjoy it first hand.


SarahinSC said...

Gorgeous shots. I can really feel the mood in them. I'm not big on textures either, but some people can really rock them. Sadly, I can't. Enjoy your snow!

Amy said...

I love that last shot! The barn is beautiful. Love all your edits!

Natalie said...

OMG KARLI! Why do you always claim you're 'not so good' at stuff?! LOL ;) I love all you do. That textured photo is STUNNING. All your photos are. And yes, those trees are dizzying...wow! The longer your stare it's like they're moving ! Hah! I have captured a few good ones around the yard but I've yet to take my yearly walk down in our woods and do som photos, I do it yearly..it's beautful, peaceful and quiet!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Hey Girl!

Your post did not show in my reader, so I had to come and look for you!!! I love your snowy pictures...but the big question remains.. "you wearing the pretty coat aor the big cold weather ulgy coat?"

Jaymi said...

These are so beautiful! I wish it snowed in LA just so I could get shots like this! BTW you can tell we live far apart that you're posting snow picture while I'm posting beach pictures! :)

Kaitlyn said...

I love pictures like these! These are beautiful!

Michelle said...

I *love* all these shots!! I'm so jealous now!! I can't quite get a "landscape" shot that I just love and here you have bunches! :)

Have fun enjoying your snow!

GabbyRM said...

Wooooow. So beautiful. I live on the gulf, so the only times I saw real snow were in Europe.