the way i see it

I had a completely different idea for this post, but because TT is still not 100%...my pictures took a bit of a different turn. My intention was to capture little bits of my day; the little details (kids included). Have you heard of that blog hop, 10 on 10 (or something like that)? I think you take 1 picture an hour for an entire day (10 hours total) on the 10th day of the month. (Did I get that right)? Anyway...I'm not organized enough to commit to one picture per hour, so here's my version. Just little bits of my day, sans kiddos.

Here we go! Fueling up for the day.

Heading home to spend the morning with Livia.

The bane of my existence.

Bane #2.

I've tried a couple times to catch my reflection in a soap bubble (I mean how bad could I look in a soap bubble, right?)...but it was a total fail. Here are my sad little supplies lying in the sink after I gave up. ;-)

Sis colored a few masterpieces this morning. They are now proudly hanging on the fridge.

Lunch time! (No, I don't eat like a bird. I had a hamburger and a hot dog for breakfast. Yes, really). The old Karli would have been very bothered by that piece of blurry lettuce in the foreground. The new and improved Karli doesn't mind.
Edit: Upon closer inspection, the new and improved Karli does mind, but is fighting the urge to re-take the photo.

Fast forward to 5:30. (See??...I can't commit to one photo per hour). After my macro water drop picture, several of you asked if it would work without a macro lens. A different effect, but still fun. (It's the 2nd picture if you click the link).

Later, I wrote "good night" in steam on the mirror after my shower - lame! And I had a couple other ideas in mind to end the day. I wanted to get a shot of some traffic lights at dusk. Or a beautiful sunset on the golf course behind our house. Or little bokeh circles on a nearby lake glistening at sunset. But because TT was a bit of a nightmare this evening (she's still feeling yucky)...please enjoy this picture from the kids' bathroom window.

So what do you think? Fun, right? I even tagged this post "the way i see it"...and I think I'll have to try it again.

Happy Tuesday! ♥


Sonja said...

awesome fun! I love seeing your day in photos! :-)

melissa said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! I LOVE the first & last shots! I am obsessed with sunsets. Gorgeous!

melissa @champagne wishes.

Mandy said...

As usual, you can make the most ordinary things look extraordinary! Lovely pictures! :)

Mom of M&Ms said...

Awesome.. have a safe trip!

Sheri said...

I love 'em, especially the shower shot or whatever that is. (Sigh).

It took me a while to figure out the bane of your existence (Bane #2). Yeah, a tad bit slow today.

I like the blurry lettuce, reminds me that you aren't as perfect as I tend to think you are...so thank you. LOL

jess@notyouraveragemommy.com said...

I think the laundry one is my favorite, except for the fact that it means you are having to do laundry...uggg :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Your day is much prettier than my day. I was thinking on my way to work this morning that I should come up with a new way to work...a much more scenic drive or something. I'm getting bored with my current drive. Okay, enough rambling in your comment box. Loved them all.

Natalie said...

Awesome! Love the name of that road-Yankee Hill :) Also...sorry TT is still under the weather! I love your bubbles shot and the water shot!

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs said...

Great post! And great photos as usual!!

Kristal said...

Love the bubble shot and so hope the bane #1 makes it to my house. I have not a dishwasher in 3 years... but I now have one in the basement waiting for the tax return to buy countertop!!! I'm so excited.

Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

I love it! Your shots are wonderful. digging the water one and I totally want to try it! You are such a master of great ideas as always karli! :D

Misty said...

I am impressed with your water shot! How in the world did you do that? Now I have to try. :) Just found your blog through another blogger. http://throughaphotographerseyes.blogspot.com/

SugarberrySensations said...

Karli - ok, a few things - I can not see your pictures? It is an 'x' with Photobucket on it?

Also, I am so sorry TT is still not 100%!!!! :o(

I thought you were gone already - wuu huu so glad you are not! :o)


Adeena said...

Fun glimpse into your day! :D I wish I could start mine the same way... but it's over an hour to the nearest Starbucks. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK, let's get this straight??? You are concerned that your salad shot might not be perfection?? Because one silly little piece of lettuce is out of focus? Ha! You are too funny! That water shot - GORGEOUS! Which lens? The sunset AMAZING! Bubble wand in blue dish - AWESOME. And I just love the way you see it! :-D Just sayin'

Natalie said...

Very fun post and great pics! I like this idea. The theme of my house today would be: piles. They seem to be everywhere and would not be too pretty in a photo. Break time is over - back to work!

Sara said...

Such an interesting idea! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your daily life. And as always, love the creativity in your shots!

Julie said...

Love your photos,as usual :). I really love the colors in that bubble photo! and who would think to photograph their laundry through the basket. so cool!

Liz said...

great shots of the every day. That salad looks good. Love the water shot, wish I had a water sprayer like that to play with captures.

Need to see TT art work.

Anonymous said...

Love it! what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I don't know which one is my favorite- maybe the laundry? Love how you can find photo ops EVERYWHERE! Inspirational!

Casey Martinez said...

loved seeing your day in pictures! The dishes and laundry are the bane of my existence too;0. The starbucks picture made me happy;0

Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Oh, I hate dishes and laundry, too -- if they'd ever just STAY DONE for a bit!! lol!

Love the water shots, something else to try now!

I'm proud of the new Karli!! lol!

xoxo Have a great night! (well, day by the time you get this! lol)

Tiffany said...

You're back :D I missed you haha in a non stalker way of course. I know you updated below but this is my first time getting back on blogger in a few busy days! love the photos as always and I should be eating salad myself!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and beautiful photos. I love your water shot and I totally agree about the washing up and laundry! That sunset is really gorgeous. Have a great week.

Clare B said...

The kids bathroom window is equally beautiful! I love sunsets and they are so rare around these parts due to the constant grey skies.

elizabeth said...

love the water droplets -
yes I am on vacation and I need to stop cleaning and start shooting - that's my goal!!!
love the view outside your kids window too!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Love seeing your day.

Jane said...

Love this post, you work so hard. That water, wow.

Stacey said...

Love this idea. I've seen that blog hop and thought about doing it myself, but the whole 10 picture thing scares me. I like your take on it and might have to try it myself sometime.

And thanks about those photos my hubby took. Although you did not see the SOOC shots. Just between you and me he has a little bit of learning to do, but I don't think he appreciates me barking orders at him. Whoops! :-)

Have a SUPER vacay!

Susan said...

These were just awesome. Salad made me hungry.

Love visiting your site♥

melissa said...

ps. I have a new account, blog URL....too many issues with my old one so I am starting over!


Liz said...

Hi Karli,
I wanted to answer your question on the moon shot I took like 8 captures but I used my 55-250mm lens. The first few my hands shook cause I was so excited but then I got more steady. It still is not perfect I want to try again with my new camera when I get it.. a canon T2I, so excited.

Anonymous said...

These are very cool Karli!
I did a similar project about a year back ( I jsut posted it on my blog) and thought it was a lot of fun! I love your street scene...and ugh dishwasher....I hate doing dishes!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Well, I like the way "you see it"..... these are AWESOME!! Why are you beating yourself up about the lettuce photo? I actually like that look and sometimes purposely go for the blur in the foreground of the photo depending on where I want to draw the viewers eye.

LOVE LOVE the water shots..... so this one you did not use a macro? Which lens did you shoot it with? I really would love a macro..... but need to wait until the budget allows a new lens:)

Hope that Miss TT is feeling 100%.... Just in case you don't get to post before Saturday.... HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!!



PS... I could never do a photo an hour, but i might give this a whirl~

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

PSS.... just noticed my Visions banner at the bottom of your blog. Thanks so much for adding it... you are so very sweet and I feel honored that you would post it.