10 on tuesday (photoless)

I've been debating all morning whether or not to even post this, because I'm not sure my weekly ramblings can stand on their own without pictures. But my camera has been sent off for repair, so this is all I have for the week.

1. Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation, and I slept in until 8:52am. (You're hating me, right?) I've trained my kids well. They know that rested mom = happy mom. :-)

2. I have a bone to pick with whoever came up with the phrase "it's just like riding a bike." Unbelievably bad information, since every Spring I have to re-learn how to ride my bike. (In my defense, I've never claimed to be coordinated, and I'm 5' 9 (and a half)" and 128 pounds...so pretty much just visualize a long gangly giraffe trying to pedal a bike. I will admit however, to providing my neighbors hours of comedic relief.

3. It seems Livia has recovered nicely from her fear of the "purple monster over dare on the carpet gonna get you mama"...and she's now able to play alone with her toys in the TV room. For a month we were attached at the hip. This now allows ample time for me and my cleaning supplies to get reaquainted.

4. Want to play a fun guessing game? OK, here's the first clue. Livia's middle name begins with "S" and ends with an "L"...but the L is silent. It's French. Any guesses?

5. Random request and purchase of the week: a dry erase board (for Drew). Random request and purchase for Collin? A cactus.

6. Conversation of the week:
Drew (the Kindergarter): "Did you know that 90x90 is eighty-one hundred?"
Me: "What?! How did you know that?"
Drew: I just figured it out in my bed.

7. Want to hear my latest and greatest? So we've lived in our house for what, seven years now? In our master bathroom we have one of those oversized corner whirlpool tubs. I've only used the tub an handful of times... (like when do I have time for a whirlpool bath?) specifically while I was pregnant and so miserable that jets of water spewing into my back sounded more irritating than pleasant. The point: I've never used the jets. A few nights ago, Livia and I decided to have 'beach night' so I threw her in the whirlpool tub.
Fact: You have to have water covering those little blow hole things or your 2 year old will come sailing out of the tub on a tidal wave that rivals the one in the movie Deep Impact.

8. In the other room I hear Livia singing:
"Ring around the Rosey"
"Pocket full of Posey"
"Ashes, ashes"
"Fall down the car-pet and hurt the yeg." (leg)

9. an·noy·ing (adjective): when your husband finds the time to draw a rather detailed sketch in the dust on your armoire, but doesn't have the time to actually clean it.

10. OK, I have to retract #9. My husband is A-MAZING around the house and deserves a shout-out. Seriously...the best! Awesome at cleaning, wonderful at taking care of the kids, he'll run any errand for me at any time day or night, he cooks on the weekends, and he fixes me a snack in bed every single night. I know I've written this before, but it's still true: I'm usually in bed before he is, so I'll use the phone in our bedroom and call him downstairs on his cell phone in the kitchen. He'll answer "Doron's kitchen?" and I'll place my order. Awesome I tell ya!

Anyone still here?

My kids like to read about our "happenings" for the week, so I thought I'd do a little post for them, even though my camera is gone. If I find my house TP'd and egg'd tonight, I will take that as a sign that my photoless post was a thumbs down.

EDIT: I just got 2 emails from sweet friends saying my comments aren't working. Hmmmm....does anyone know how to fix that, or is it just a temporary Blogger issue? If you have any ideas, feel free to email me at karlibonnie@gmail.com

EDIT #2: I think it's fixed! (Thank you so much Skye)! If you're having a similar problem...check out the link I posted in my comment section. It fixed the issue I was having. :-)

Happy Tuesday everyone! ♥♥


Karli said...

Thank you so much Skye! I think it worked! If anyone else is having this problem, maybe the following link will help you too:


Thanks again! :-)

Carrie said...

So funny! I love the random request AND purchase of the week. Made me laugh. I totally need to learn this snack in bed delivery system. My husband stays up later than me to. Might as well make his time useful!!

Kristal said...

You are so funny girl... even though it would have been great with pictures, your words are perfect!

Jess said...

Oh, c'mon now... where's your Rebel? A break from the 5D is a good thing. I swear every time I have to use my Rebel for awhile I'm THAT much better once I get my big camera back in my hands again. Yes, it's frustrating to no end, but in my humble opinion, you should use it Karli.

And you're hilarious and blessed too, you know. ;)

Adeena said...

The random requests and purchases are a riot!! :D

So is Livia's song.

And I get #1. My kids know the same thing. ;)

Faith said...

SO funny!! Love your randomness... today was just that kind of day wasn't it?! I laughed so hard when I read about your whirlpool tub incident. Our house has a tub with jets as well and we've discovered the issue with having to have the jets well-covered with water as well. Also - it's not a great idea to have the jets on and bubble bath no matter how much the kids beg.

Liz said...

Hope your camera comes back to you like new.

Love your posts like this. Lets us have an inside peek into your life.

Elena @ The Art of Making a Baby said...

This is awesome! Believe it or not, but I enjoyed your "ramblings" even more than I enjoy your photos ( and I enjoy them quite a lot). You should do this more often!

Angela said...

I love your post, even without photos! I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Lizzy said...

Oh my I laughed so hard about the water jets. Thanks for sharing and I hope your camera comes back working beautifully.

Haynes said...

I love love this post no pictures needed...

Natalie said...

Hello from China! Had fun reading about your week and getting caught up on your last few posts. Your 365 pics are amazing.

Sara said...

Your 10 on tuesdays always bring a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing your hilarious stories!! The tub incident is definitely advice to live by :)

Michelle said...

I like the pop out comment box. Makes it so much easier to comment while scrolling through your post. :)

And without photos, I still giggled and laughed and groaned. :) So, photos, no photos, you rock! :)

1. You stink. :) But kudos for your kiddos learning how to keep mama happy!

2. hehehe. We'd be a pair! I haven't ridden a bike in YEARS!

3. lol. I love how you say that you got reacquainted with your cleaning supplies.

4. no idea. don't know much french. bet it's pretty, though. :)

5. lol! What random and hilarious requests! Glad they got em!

6. scary is right! I had to think on that one... trying to make sure I did the math right... lol

7. hehehe! hahaha! Oh, I almost peed myself reading this! I can only imagine! hehe!

8. such a cute song!

9. lol! I so wanted to draw something for you and send you a pic... but I dusted for the first time in like 2-3mo this last weekend. Its all clean here! lol

10. hehe. Love it! What a great hubby! And I find it hilarious (again) that you call eachother from up/down stairs... cause Jer and I totally do that too, except it's me down in the kitchen! lol!

Yep, still here! :)

I noticed comments weren't working earlier, but they're working now! See? :0)

Love and hugs!

happy me said...

Two questions Karli:

Is Livia's yeg alright?

Are you alright without your camera?


Just Jen said...

Even without pictures, I love reading you. Liva is too funny with the fall down on the car-pet stuff. Too funny!

Amarie said...

So funny, even without photos lol! Yep, blogger got me, too, but I found the fix in Blogger Help. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

Ma'am...I could care less if a photo was included or not (even though I do lovee your photographic skills!) hehe. I love reading your posts, I've said this a million and a half times before but your posts make me smile from beginning to end. So clevery worded and it keeps a person reading! Your kindergartener (sp?) haha (can't even spell THAT) sure is smart knowing that big math! I hated math in school.

My husband goes in spurts of cleaning and cooking. It's usually me doing everything but some random times when I have things to do in town I come home to a spotless house which is the greatest thing EVER.

PS I didnt mention in the comment on the post after this but Livia's middle name is so unique and beautiful! Thumbs UP for that one ;)

And lastly my son and I sleep till 9:30-10AM every morning most days! HEHE! Yay for well rested Moms! Hope your week has been great!

Sarah said...

Ha ha. I laughed through the whole thing. You don't need photos unlike me. ha ha. Your hubby sounds awesome. That is sweet of him. I LOL when I read about the bike.

Tiffany said...

I wish I had a huge tub lol. I hate waking up before 10 but manage to around 8-830! Im a bad morning person, gotta change that before August :-(! You are way tiny too. Geez I'm around 5'5.5 and 115lbs. You would look tiny beside me lol. I always wished I was taller with super long legs!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh this totally cracks me up. I will spend all day cleaning & my hubs will come home & literally within moments-find the one thing I forgot to take care of. What's that all about?! These guys & their writing in the dust. Geezzzz!

SugarberrySensations said...

Only you! ONLY *YOU* Karli, could have a post this awesome that does not have a single picture on it! :o)
I loved it!


minearebetter said...

I've been trying to relearn how to ride a bike and it's HARD! My husband is practically a pro at it and doesn't get how difficult I find all the balancing. A friend of mine is also relearning how, but she suffered a traumatic injury a few years ago, so she's had to relearn everything.

"Just like riding a bike" makes me think of "life is a balancing act" since I have a very hard time balancing. Either the inventors of the phrase didn't know I could exist, or they know my crazy life all too well. Haha!

Ashley said...

Ha! I love your writing as much as your pics. XO