10 on tuesday (and a mom sighting)

1. Favorite shot of the week:

2. I considered showing you my SOOC, but who doesn't love a little element of mystery, right? ;-)

3. You might be surprised to learn that (given her wild nature) TT doesn't try to climb out of her crib. We recently discovered that Drew is somehow able to drag her up and over the side of the crib. The first time he walked into the room declaring "we have a visitor!!" (read: Livia) my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

This has happened on several occasions, but I have not witnessed it with my own eyes. Livia is 30 pounds and Drew is 50. I can't imagine pulling something more than half my body weight up and over the side of a crib.

4. Goal of the week: to capture a picture of this feat of super-human strength (see #3) on the sly.

5. Worst idea of the week: cracking open a sunflower seed and giving TT the little morsel inside. I have now become a one-woman sunflower seed cracking machine. A little mom-sweatshop, if you will. My hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm on demand, I don't get any breaks, and I can't eat any seeds myself. :-(
(Yes, I tried buying the already cracked open sunflower seeds. Those were immediately met with a frown and a wave of dismissal).

6. Remember how we've discussed that I don't have a creative bone in my body? And how I have such admiration for people that do? Enter: The Tiny Tornado. Recently she's begun naming her artwork. Some recent masterpieces include "Fox in the Grass," "Motorcycle and Fireworks," and "Two Guys Playing in the Garden and Trees." Is she the coolest???! (If you mix up all her artwork, she can even tell you which title goes with each picture!)

7. Some examples of her earlier work:

I totally see the leaf and the glasses, don't you? And the airplane........genius! :-)

8. Sweetest thing I heard all week:
TT: "Mama! I wanna hug you for a little minute."

9. Have I shocked you into unconsciousness with this rare appearance on my blog?

10. These pictures make me SMILE! And...... {drum roll please} another rare sighting by yours truly. Doron took these shots of us at Silver Dollar City last month with my new G12. I will now pause for you to congratulate me for stuffing my 5' 9 1/2" body into that tiny little caterpillar ride. The boys are usually more than happy to ride with Livia, but in this case they were off seeking out the biggest rides in the park with their cousins.

Well, that pretty much sums up our week! What have you all been up to?

Have a great one! ♥


Tracy said...

Great shots and for the record, you look EXACTLY how I pictured you! :)

Misty said...

These are great! I chuckled several times throughout the post.

Amarie said...

Awesome shots, as always! And yes, I totally see the glasses and the airplane, too! When my sister and I were kids, we would eat so many sunflower seeds, that we got teased about tress growing out of our ears LOL!

Andrea said...

Love the first photo. So clean and simple and interesting. :) Fun to see you make an appearance in your blog. (I can't say I've ever made an appearance in mine...) And can I have some sunflower seeds, please? Hee hee...

Kristal said...

I loved being able to see you!!!

Really, you crack sunflowers and eat what's inside. I learn something new every day!

My oldest climbed out of his crib once. He hit the hardwood floor and scared himself so bad that when it came to the toddler bed he wouldn't get out of it either. He would yell from his bed that he was up. Crazy boy.

Tracy said...

Doing a little catching up and it's always a treat to stop by your blog. Awesomely beautiful shots as always!!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Nice post Karli!!! and nice to see you again, it has been a while.. cute pic on my blog for TT..the title is Coming soon!

The Shades of Pink said...

Gosh Karli, you are gorgeous and TALL! You'd tower over me (but for the record my own "TT" is the same height as you!)

Love the shots of you and TT together and the idea of Drew dragging her out of her crib. Too cute!

We had a sunflower seed rule: You could only eat them at the baseball fields. Not sure why or how we created the rule but it saved us lots of time. LOL

Robin said...

Super cute post! I totally see the Leaf, glasses and the airplane, too! What a great little artist you have. Thanks for the tip on the sunflower seeds ... I won't even introduce them to my little toddler yet :)

Amy said...

First of all, you must share the sooc of the first photo. I LOVE it!

I love TT's artwork! I can totally tell what they are!

It was great to see a picture of you again! You need to post a family photo. :-D

Natalie said...

No, I don't like mysteries. Share the SOOC, location, etc. Please end my suspense. lol

The pictures of you and TT are adorable! Really sweet.

Love SDC and I have also put my 5'9" self in the caterpillar a time or two. Comfy, isn't it?

Ashley Sisk said...

You know how much I love these posts but I'm more excited that you posted pictures of yourself. You're so darn cute and these photos are adorable!

Mindy Mc said...

LOVE seeing you with your sweet girl! These 10 on Tuesday are my favorite posts ;o)

Tracy said...

you're beautiful as always Karli. :) Always nice to "see" you on your blog. :)

I am thankful in our house the treat of choice (that requires extra work) for my girls is pistachio's which I dislike and are armen's thing...thus armen does the extra work. ;)

LOVE ten on tuesdays. :)

Jaymi said...

Awww so nice to see you on your blog! The pics of you and Liv are adorable!

Stacey said...

Love that first photo.

And aren't you just the most adorable thing ever?

CT Photography | Blog said...

Those are all great. The glasses and the airplane are so easy to see! TT has talent! Where did you get the frames that you used in this post? I have been looking for some like you use but no luck yet.

Jill Samter Photography said...

As you can see from the many glowing reviews - it is GOOD to see your gorgeous self! You my friend are so naturally beautiful!!!

Now your other photos AWESOME! That first one - WOW! Love it!!!!

TT is very talented and beyond precious! HA! Our girls really would be a hoot together!

Love you!

SugarberrySensations said...

Yahooooooooooweeeeeeewewewewewwwweeeeeeee! Woooowwwwwzaaaaaaa!
I can not believe we have actual pictures of you! Wuuu Huuuu! Just as beautiful as I knew - you must show pictures of yourself more often!
Of course, I love the post, love it! Love the shots of TT in her crib, her paintings - they are fabulous - keep her creativity flowing, let her paint her heart out! And LOVE the shots of you and TT together! Those are PRICELESS!


Michelle said...


(hold on, I'm picking myself up off the ground... and trust me, the concrete under our disintegrating carpet is still holding strong!)

whew, ok (brushing off some dust)
Hey, there, beautiful friend!! It is SO AWESOME to see ya!! And to see pics of you with your girl! You are stunning and so beautiful! Love the moments captured!! Oye, though, I was getting dizzy just looking at the pics of that ride. ugh... :) Good for you, cause I couldn't have done it without some drugs... and then I would have slept though it!

Took me a bit, but I finally figured out #1. :) and it's not a zipper. lol!

Livia is precious and I'm so sorry that she's built an empire of endless seed production from one slave... she's got skills! :)

hehe! Love that you recorded her artwork -- and yep, I totally "see" them! ;)

"Mama! I wanna hug you for a little minute." = Michelle is gonna tear up!

I'm so glad you captured some shots of you with your girl -- I hope that you do get in more shots with the kids as they're growing up, even if you don't share them here (or anywhere except home!) They'll be treasured for sure!!

Love, hugs, and more love!

Naomi said...

love that first shot! and i love that you are in some photos with your sweet girl, so cute!! oh and the sunflower seeds...that just cracks me up!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh I learned my lesson with the sunflower seeds when Nick was young!! I have yet to introduce those to the girls for this very reason:))

Yes, totally fell off my chair when I saw you two beautiful girls together in this post!! Ummm.... I don't think I have ever seen a picture of you on this blog? You are gorgeous girl!!

Very impressed that you went on that itty bitty caterpillar ride. I only wish I had to cram myself in. My short little 5' 2.5" self fits very well......unfortunately. Would die to have your long legs!

Just caught up on your last few posts. LOVING THE NEW PICS of TT! FABULOUS AS ALWAYS~

Happy Wednesday~



Eileen said...

OK, have lots to say about this post:
1. You are lovely and should take photos of yourself more often. Perhaps I should do the same. I love seeing photos of you w/ your daughter. Precious.
2. I love the named paintings! My daughter does this too. I'll ask her what one of her masterpieces is and she'll say something like "ummmmm, a cave with bats!". It's crazy what they come up with.
3.LOL on the sunflower seeds. Too funny.
4. We, thus far, have managed to avoid escapage from the crib. But I know our days are probably numbered too. I think boys tend to climb out sooner (as evidenced by my friends kids). But what do I know, as I just have a little girl :)

Have a wonderful day!

Jeska said...

Umm why aren't you in more photos?!! You are so pretty! I don't even know if I really knew what you looked like before!

Adeena said...

"I wanna hug you for a little minute"

Commence melting. :D That's too too adorable.

That first picture is really cool.

And she stays in her crib? For reals? ;) You need a nanny cam to catch the action. :D

TT stole all the creative bones, right? ;) Her pictures are really cool - I can totally see what they are.

elizabeth said...

HI Karli - good to see you again!! Your post made me laugh - the sunflower seed LOL!! Things mamas do for their little ones!!
I think it's great how you captured TT art work - you'll be so glad you did years from now!! And hey - shes pretty good too!!
I will replace your button no problem!!!
Have a great week

Katie said...

1. I WISH that was this month's "hey, I just took one just like that yesterday" moment. Love it. LOVE.

3. Wow...that might be worth investing in a motion sensing camera accessory.

5. ROFLOL :D :D :D ...giggle, giggle....LOL

6. Gimme a break...no creative bone. Umm, hello!!! (See #1)

7. Those are actually really awesome! My kids also name their paintings, but at her age I'm impressed they LOOK like what she calls them. Keep those babies around, they might be worth something one day!

8. (melt)

9. Who is that? ;)

10. Holy smokes, girl. You are tall. I'm 5'2".
We can never meet in person. ;)

PS. I happen to really like that apple shot of yours.

Skye said...

Wow - and here I thought you had brown hair for some reason LOL!
I can't believe TT doesn't try to climb out. There is hope for Julianna yet. I am so nervous about hearing that thump in the middle of the night one day soon when she goes tumbling out on her own!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I did see this! I don't know how I didn't get to comment on it- thanks for reminding me. I often read my rss reader on my iphone and can't comment, so I mark them to come back and comment later and often forget.
Anyways, now that I'm done with excuses, of course I loved your photos.
The first picture especially- you look so young and fun and full of life and hot as hell. TT is adorable as usualy- I really wish we saw your picture more often!

Tenille said...

Great post! I love reading your blog....nice to see you made it in a post!!! We visited Silver Dollar City in April...long trek for us from Canada...lol! The little rides were not open yet! Can't wait to go back. Your kids are so lucky you do such a good job of capturing memories! How do you like your G12...really considering getting one! Do you have the underwater housing case? Thanks again for sharing!!!

Diana said...

I truly enjoy your posts and photography especially the 10 on Tuesday. I was also wondering, what lens do you use the most on your photography? I have a 50mm 1.4 and I'm ready for a zoom lens. I can't decide between 70-200 or 24-70 and I noticed you have both. I take about the same type of photos like you do (my son, food, etc) although certainly not as good!

momaziggy said...

Okay...that first shot...OMG...my jaw DROPPED! Wow..I LOVE it!

It's nice to see another mom who kept her baby in a crib longer! Both my girls were in cribs until their 3rd birthday! She's so beautiful and I love the light in her room!

YAY...I get to see you!!!! You are GORGEOUS!!! I love them all but the one where she is sad and you are hugging her..melted my heart!

The sunflower part...teehee! I literally laughed out loud!

Love this post! :)

Casey Martinez said...

MORE MORE MORE!!! I can't get enough now that I have seen the unbelievably sweet Karli in person;0-. heheheh. My first thought when I saw you was, celebrity mom!! hahaha. You are just as sweet as I invisioned..and tiny, tiny, tiny;0. I am SO proud of you KArli because these pictures will melt your heart forever. Good job girlfriend!!! Don't stop!!!

alicia said...

What is that first photo of? Love it!

Natalie said...

Let me start out by saying you, my friend are absolutely gorgeous! Mom of 3??!?!?! Psh! I can't believe there's not more selfies! And did I read correctly? 5' 9"??? Why that's 4" taller than me and I'm the tallest in my family! LOL! Love those-favs of the blog by far!