party of three: 44/52

I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to take Collin, Drew and Motion Blur out to the backyard just minutes before going trick-or-treating last week. But that's how we roll (says my 10 year old)...so here are a few quick snapshots before the evening festivities.

I can't comment on the fact that Drew's head thing is inside out. My only responsibility was to dress the ladybug.

Three kids in the same shot? Shocking.

Are you ready for a blurry blooper? I certainly didn't get many shots of all three kids together due to machete swiping and bullying.

Oh wait! Before you go, here's a story that (if you know me) won't come as much of a surprise. On Monday the 24th Doron came home from work early, we got the kids all dressed up and headed to the annual Boo at the Zoo. We were amazed that on our way to the zoo, traffic was rather decent.

We were also amazed to find an empty parking lot. {gulp}

Gotta love my kids. Not one of them was phased in the least. In fact, the boys just laughed. :-) (Have they come to expect this behavior from me?) So we promised to take them to the actual opening night of Boo at the Zoo (Wednesday), and took them to the park on our way home.

Everytime I see this picture, I think "Shiiiing!"

We did a Boo at the Zoo re-do a couple nights later and the kids had a blast!

Happy Halloween! ♥ Hope you had a great one!


Mom of M&Ms said...

wow!!! that is something I would have done. Thankfully you have forgiving children.. must be the parenting!!!

great shots!

now hurry and read my guest post at leavesinbloom with Rosie.. Hurry...what are you still doing here???

Stacey said...

Love that second to last one. And is it me, or is TT getting really TALL???

Amy said...

Wow, I almost fainted when I saw the title of this post. *grin* I like TT's new name -- Motion Blur. :-D My favorite shot is the one with the sun flare.

Glad you have such forgiving kids. :-)

Andrea said...

Great costumes! TT looks so cute as a little lady bug. :) Great jumping captures!

Lori Allberry said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Heavens. To. Betsy.
Karli, Karli, Karli!
I LOVE these! Oh gosh, I have been waiting and waiting for more pictures from you!
Every new picture I would come to, I would think 'this is my favorite'.
But looking back, I would have to say my absolute favorite (out of this post) is the filtered light shot of the the three of them walking away. **WOW**
I LOVED your Boo at the Zoo story Karli, cracking me up as always!
Turn the game on - it is getting soooo exciting!


Adeena said...

"Shiiiing". XD I'm laughing. That's awesome.

TT is so BIG!! Tell her to stop it. If she's getting big, it means my girlie is, too. Sigh.

And I LOVE that sunflare shot!

Kristal said...

Oh the zoo thing is so something I would do.

We actually MISSED trick or treat this year! My son's Sunday School class hosted a spaghetti dinner for the seniors on our trick or treat night. Then I was going to take them to the neighboring city but it wasn't on the night I thought it was. Oh well...

Love your shots! Captures them all so well..

Jess said...

Adeena is right. TT is getting so big... but I'm sure that doesn't necessarily mean my little one is getting big. Right? ;)

Naomi said...

oh funny, its great your kiddos have a sense of humor! awesome shots! tt is SO cute as a little ladybug! :)

Ashley Eiban said...

The ladybug costume is SO cute! Love the pictures you got of all 3 of them!

Jill Samter Photography said...

I love little miss ladybug! Great shots of her. Yikes, the boys are scary! Glad you all had fun at Boo at the Zoo!

XOXO Have a blessed SONday!

Marvett Smith said...

So funny! Love the ladybug costume! I appreciate how hard it is to get all 3 in a picture together an make it look decent, so props to you on that one. :)

karren said...

These are all great. I like the next to last of the three kids from the back. Wonderful light. i got a kick out of your "motion blur" comment!! LOL! Can relate to that one.

Jodee said...

Cute Halloween pictures! We had a blast at Boo at the Zoo too. The weather was perfect. We were in and out and eating Raising Cane's in 45 minutes. HA HA!

Natalie said...

Hello gorgeous light/haze and hello adorable ladybug (love the b/w shot of TT). Great costumes - those boys of yours look very into theirs. So fun!

The Shades of Pink said...

Love love love love love the action shots of the boys jumping and the (second to?) last photo of the three of them walking away.

Great shots!

And your story about the Zoo is just too funny! Love that they just went along with it!

Branson said...

So many awesome photos! We missed boo at the zoo this year! I was bummed! Next year... ;)

happy me said...

I don't even know where to start.
First: Livia with the trike. Love how you captured her little hand mid-air. Also? How tall is she right now? About 5'4"? Admit it; she looks taaaaaaaaal in that photo.
Second: The 6th one down where the Ladybug wearing the L.O.V.E. boots and weilding a ninja sword is chasing the Hockey-Mask-Killer? You could sell that to a magazine!!!! No lie!
Third: The Ladybug in b&w is just exceptionally gorgeous!


Tracy said...

Ohhhh....I always look forward to your posts. I might not get to them right away, but always look for yours. ;) Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love these. TT is getting soooo big. Her hair has suddenly gotten so long. I love the last two shots. Gorgeous!!

Jaymi said...

wow I love TT's little lady bug costume! how cute is she? I love the black and white shot, and the one with the sun flare. Really great shots!

Tracy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my post! I am a backlight lover!! I am not sure if this helps with the bubbles from the sunglare when shooting backlight, but I have a lens hood on my lens as well as a filter....I'll have to get back to you on what kind. It's one that helps prevent those blue castes other filters give off. I also position myself so that I get a bit of haze, but not the bubbles. I just look through the lens and move until it's the look I want. Hope that makes sense...I am self taught and am not up on all of the photography wording ;) I hope that helps! I always love your photos and your processing!! Sometimes we don't see what others do!! ;)

Hannah said...

Great pictures and your story was too funny. It makes me feel better that I am not the only one who shows up to things on the wrong day LOL.

Ashley Sisk said...

Funny thing is that the same thing would happen to me...the exact same thing. I'm sure of it. That next to last shot is magical. And TT is growing up - I don't like it.