10 on tuesday (err, thursday)

I don't usually do a pictureless post, but I've had these TT tidbits roaming around in my draft section for probably a month now. I need to just post it and be on my way. If you don't know the force that is my 2 year old, these tidbits might not be particularly funny to you, but trust me, if you could only be a fly on the wall... Plus, I'm really writing them down for me. I know they'll make me laugh all over again one day. :-)

Random TT tidbits:

1. How can you tell if a toddler has older brothers?
Example A: Only example needed:
When Esther (the green scallion) from Veggie Tales appears on the screen and your toddler cries out: "Yook ma! It's Princess No-Arms!"

(reeeeally don't think she came up with that on her own)

2. TT loves California rolls. Does your toddler eat sushi too?

3. I wasn't able to take Collin out for a little photo session for his 10th birthday. TT head-butted him minutes before his party and busted his lip open.

4. I was less mad when Livia hugged me tight around the neck and called me her "special heart friend." ♥

5. Livia tells me no less than 50 times a day (literally), "I like you mom." One day I got an added bonus: "Mom. You have a nice face."

6. Livia is also picking up nicely on "tween speak." Last week she says to me: "Do me a solid and give me a hug."
(Yeah, I don't get it either).

7. Things that make you go hmmmmm: When your toddler comes up to you with a big smile and says, "I did NOT throw an orange oval into the toilet, mom." (I never figured this one out, but since she was so forthcoming I can be sure an orange oval was indeed thrown into the toilet).

8. A couple days ago, Livia couldn't get one of her games to work on my iPad. I hear "Come ON you lousy fang!!" Further evidence of older brothers.

9. Favorite TT comment of the week:
TT: "Mom. I like it here."
Me: "Where?"
TT: "In this house."


10. Have you seen that holiday lego commecial? You know, total Hallmark moment. Children playing together, parents beaming in the background, little sister walks in and sweetly embraces a lego.... As I was getting a little misty-eyed, TT says with disgust, "Dude. You just kissed a lego."

And so it goes in the Bonnie household.

Happy Thursday! :-)


Skye said...

Princess No Arms - LMAO !!!

Amarie said...

Too funny LOL!

Kristal said...

You have got your hands full with that girl! She is hilarious!

Amy said...

Lol! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He he. I love it. Soooo cute. I hope to meet her one day. Oh and of course you too. :)

Jill Samter Photography said...

ha ha ha! are we sure our girls were NOT separated at birth! LOVE IT!!!! she is too much!

big hug and lots of love!
enjoy all that little miss livia brings into the bonnie household! they sure make life interesting and FUN! :-D

happy me said...

Too cute!
You will be SO GLAD you're writing these down!


Natalie said...

I just love toddler quotes. Adorable.

The Shades of Pink said...

LOL! Just shows how much she looks up to those big brothers!

Adeena said...

"Dude. You just kissed a lego." XD Laughing my butt off.

#5 Hannah does this, too. Only with her it's "I *wike* you Mommy, I wike you a wot." :D ♥

Do me a solid... :D :D

I gotta remember to write stuff down, too.

Naomi said...

Oh. my. gosh. Hilarious. I laughed out loud at the kissing a lego. So cute! Happy weekend!

Mindy Mc said...

<3 it! What a hoot!

Melanie said...

Haha... Princess no arm, & Mom, you have a nice face... Kids are the best!

Jill said...



Lori Allberry said...

Oh Karli, Karli, Karli, these are too cute! I love it! you will be so thankful for writing these down - someday!And that some day will come sooner than you think!
I don't know what my favorite is - I can't pick one, but the comment about your face??!!! Oh melt indeed!!!!

Thanks for the laugh, I loved the pictureless post!


Eileen said...

So sweet! Yes, my toddler eats sushi, which makes me proud! re: number 5: The other day I got: "you're a good mama". Makes it all worthwhile. :)

Michelle said...

Oye! Gasp! Hehe. Hehe. Gasp! Lol! Gasp!

Oh thanks for the laughs! These are beyond awesome! You will be so glad someday you documented these...TT may not appreciate them right away.... You must ask her what doing a solid is... Cause apparently its not known amongst us older folks and we must do our best to keep on these youngsters slang.


Brooke said...

DYING over here. That TT just kills me ;D

Branson said...

Love it. Can't wait til A starts talking more! ;)

CT Photography | Blog said...

As always the things that TT does made me smile... and chuckle out loud... but since I am alone I don't look like a loon. My four year old (who does not have older brothers but does have two teenage aunts) recently told her grandfather that "he freaks her out." Ya... exactly. I just hang my head and sigh.
On a different note... I took a photo not too long back of my daughter climbing a ladder at the park that I saw that you had done with TT. I was looking for it on your blog to compare mine to yours (which of course yours will be so much better) but couldn't find it. Is it still posted on the blog or has it been removed. I know I am not crazy... right?