storming the capitol. twice.

So here's how the story goes. Drew's class had a field trip last week to a tick-infested forest (um, no thanks), so I gave him a free pass from school and he and the tiny tornado and I made a day of it. I thought since I was armed with a helper (a 1st grader... what was I thinking?) that we could take Livia to the State Capitol for a few pictures.

I posted this picture on TT's Tumblr blog last week and I titled it "A Royal Sip." Man I crack myself up.

So after our initial race through the Capitol yielded no pictures of Livia's face, I decided to return again this week armed with the big guns (aka grandma).

And face pictures we got!

Toddler photo tip: We have a stack of preschool flashcards, you know... an A on one side, an apple on the back. So my mom stood behind me and made a game of it. Livia loved it! Since roughhousing and horeseplay are TT's activities of choice, this nice quiet activity took her by surprise. (Seriously try it...it works!)

Poor baby has inherited my dance moves. :-(

I'm going to chalk these pictures up as a big fat success... and grandma will be doing many ride-alongs in the future. ;-)

Before you go, I want to thank you for all the questions you emailed me and left in comments in the past couple days. My inbox was a-flurry with activity. :-) I think I responded to every question by email, but if I missed one it was not intentional. Please drop me a note if I missed yours. I thought many of the questions might be duplicates... in which case I would talk about them on my blog. But to my surprise, there were questions of every kind! What actions do I like, how I do a clean edit, questions about metering, exposure... you name it. So I responded by email and I hope that helped! :-) As I said before, you're welcome to email me anytime.

Hope you have a wonderful week! xo


The Shades of Pink said...

Seriously cracking up at your dance moves! Love it!

Anyway, love the shots, she's so sweet.

And isn't EVERYTHING tick infested this year. Holy cow I have pulled so many off of kids already this spring.

Jill Samter Photography said...

Now that I am done laughing! HA HA HA! I can comment :-D

That girl of yours is a trip! That hair is GORGEOUS! Um hello a little jealous of that still. I Know I know - two years of being jealous of her hair is a little much. But my poor TT is 4.5 with no hair. :-D

Karli the shots with her in the center of the light - O.M.GORGEOUS!

You nailed them! Truly beautiful and favorites of mine now! You know I'm all about the drama in a shot and the mood. You did that perfectly! Love the last dancing shot too! PERFECT!

Great tip for moms out there too when trying to get photos of toddlers. You just have to play with them, no need to keep asking them to stand still if you don't have something worth their patience with you! :-D


Kristal said...

I love that Grandma was such a big help - and a great tip! Next week I have to take pictures of a 2 year old and her 6 month old sister who she does not like. Last time I tried she kicked her. Maybe the flash card thing would help.

Your daughter is gorgeous. I can't believe how big she is getting! Wonderful pictures!

Kate said...

She has the cutest dimples! Love your sense of humor AND your pictures!

Andrea said...

Ok, before I forget to ask - how did you meter for the fourth shot? And the crazy dance moves? I loved seeing these on your Tumblr blog! The royal sip!! LOVE it! She's such a cutie! Simply great shots!

Lisa said...

Hi Karli,
Such sweet photos. Too bad you didn't answer the reader questions in a post, I would have loved to read that. How did you learn about photography and how long did it take to get to where you are now?

Tracey said...

LOVE the dancing in the light photos!!!!!

Natalie said...

You finally got your capital shots! What a cutie.

Kat said...

your photography is just outstanding - LOVE the royal sip.

elizabeth said...

Wow stunning photos
She's getting so big!
Love the darker ones too
Very very coo

Lizzy said...

These are fantastic shots!! A complete success! I love the royal sip, it made me laugh out loud.

Michelle Reed said...

Here's a story
about my friend Karli
who was raising two boys and a tornado
all of them had hearts filled with love
like their parents
but one of them wouldn't sit still.

Here's a story
about an awesome grandma
who used educational stuff to surprise
and get their tornado to sit still
and let her mama capture her face.

(um, so don't know if that fits the song well... I've never been good at improve... or singing. gee.. I hope you know what song I was talking about!)

Ok, so love that you were brave to face the political forest where there are blood suck.... ahem.... where their could be parasit.... ahem... where there could be dangerous lint or something.... LOL! Oh my! I pray for our leaders -- heaven knows they need it. But besides that -- LOOK AT THAT LIGHT! I love historical buildings like this -- the stories those walls could tell, the history that's been made... like the good history, not the bad stuff.

But anywhos...

Love these images! Totally *love*!! The light, the shadows, the action. Yep. I've got more favs!!!

You crack me up too! Love that fountain image.

And totally gasp on POSING TT!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Grandma, flash cards, perfect light and windows and a stunning pretty girl of a stunning pretty mama make these A MAZ ING!!! :)

(THUMP!) HAHA! Oh, I just about spit all over the monitor.... those are *my* kind of dance moves!! :0D

You got some awesome photos to be printing and hanging up on your walls, like NOW! :-D



Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

These are nothing short of amazing. I love the close ups & the pull backs of her on the windowsill. But those ones of her by the windows with the patterns & then dancing in the light- SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! What a gorgeous place & you certainly found every spec of beauty there was to be photographed.

Skye said...

Fabulous photos. Incredible lighting. Really. ANd of course TT the rockstar model. She is eating it up too! But I must say the flashcards are genius. I want to attempt to take some 2 year birthday shots of my daughter in a few weeks and I am soooo stealing the flashcard idea. If it gets her to sit still and look into the camera for 1 second, that is golden! :) Have a great day!

Naomi said...

Ok ummm simply stunning! Beautiful! TT is beautiful! Love the dancing in the light shots. LOVE. And the dance moves comment....crack me up!

Elena said...

Okay, you are crackin' me up over here too! Love the Royal Sip. Your little girl is so beautiful; you capture her so beautifully! I love the dancing shots too! What a little entertainer huh?

Adeena said...

Wow. I totally love both #4 and the dancing shot. The dramatic lighting is so gorgeous. :D

And such a model posing in the windowsill. And the royal sip is a riot! :D

Have I mentioned recently that TT has the best hair?? Poor Hannah still has wispy baby hair. And that's all she's going to have, I'm afraid. She takes after my mom. ;)

Liz said...

Awesomeness!!!!! She is getting to be a very lovely yougn lady.

Anonymous said...

She is just absolutely beautiful! And, grandmas are just wonderful people to have around! lol!

I totally understand about the field trip. The ticks are awful here! And, I live in a forest so just going out in the yard is a tick infested adventure!

I asked about your clean edit in my comment on the previous post, and didn't even think about actions. I'd also like to know what your favorite actions are ;-)

grandmabish said...

Beautiful work...the light is gorgeous. I especially like one of the first ones with the interesting shadows. BTW...smart mom to make a safer plan for the kids.

Laughter & Love Notes Photography | Blog said...

TT is getting so big! I really wish that my girl's hair was as long as hers is... it just doesn't grow.
You absolutely cracked me up with that random dance moves photo. Was not expecting that in the middle of the posed photos. Love it!
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Lori Allberry said...

Oh. Em. Gee. I am out of adjectives. I do not know what to say!!!!! I am wiping the drool from my iPad as I type. These are absolutely positively magnificent!!!!! Wow. Wow. Wow. Omg! The window shot - her perched in it, her scarf and e dance moves???? Blow me away again!!!!!!!!

Must close my mouth now!

Ashley Sisk said...

SO I'm way behind but these photos of Livia are gorgeous - the black and whites...stunning...hazy bw (I first saw in your q/a post) - genius. Heart you.

Branson Merrill said...

These are gorgeous and the flash card tip is genius! I will have to try that ;)