22 things

...I love about Collin.

1. I love that you're all about family. I love that you think 5 is a 'big family,' and you love your spot as the oldest. You haven't outgrown playing with your little brother and sister. You're so kind to them and they're lucky to have you.

2. You're just like your dad: selfless, selfless, selfless. Everyone else comes first. You'll always take the color, flavor (or whatever) that nobody else wants. You're going to make an amazing husband and father. Just like your dad.

3. You're tight with your money and always talk about saving for college. You talk about moving to Florida after high school and studying to become a meteorologist. You even talk about what your first apartment will be like and all the things you'll buy for it. Motivation. I like that.

4. You just started playing the recorder in 4th grade this year. You're the worst recorder player I've ever heard.

5. You're just plain cool. You're one of those boys that will run up to a fence and vault over it with one hand. I always wanted a boy like that.

6. You play soccer, basketball, football and baseball. You're good at every sport and anything physical.

7. You're a huge help around the house. You sort and wash everyone's socks, unload the dishwasher and vacuum the kitchen floor. I love having older kids. It gets better every year.

8. You hold the door open for strangers. And I don't even ask you to.

9. I love how you can run into a convenience store by yourself and bring me back a drink. Big kids are awesome. Nothing better.

10. I love your sense of humor. You're pretty hysterical. You get my jokes and I get yours.

11. When you lose, you do it graciously. Even if it's to your little brother.

12. You tell your sister she's beautiful.

13. Before I was married and had kids, whenever I'd see a tween boy carrying a toddler I'd melt into a little puddle. I always wondered if I'd have that type of family. (The reality far surpasses the dream).

14. Styrofoam freaks you out. It's pretty fun to mess with you.

15. You've become picky about what you wear. I like that.

16. I love when you get in the van after school and ask your sister, "How was your day, Livs?" And you're genuinely interested in the answer.

17. I love how you load the groceries in the back of the van after we're done shopping. I never even ask. I love how when it's windy or cold you'll say "just get Livia in the car, mom. I'll put the cart back."

18. Every school year your teachers tell me "if only I had a classroom of Collin's..."

19. You have a knack for sensing my mood, when I'm grumpy or having a yucky mom moment. You'll come up and give me a hug and say "I love you." You'll even ask if there's anything you can do. (How did I get so lucky?!)

20. You get embarrassed when we walk through the junk food aisle at the store. You're afraid someone will see us and judge us, even if we're not buying anything from that aisle. You love when we have tons of bags of produce in our cart. Funny, I feel the same way.

21. Of my 3 kids, you're my look-alike child. You're a clone of me and everyone says so.

22. Here's the best one. Every Easter we have an egg hunt in the backyard and we put a quarter in all the eggs. In 8 special eggs we hide a $10 bill, two $5's and five $1's. In a total coincidence, this year you ended up with the $10, both of the $5's and 2 of the $1's. Drew only got $1 and Livia got $2. You got $22. As the little kids were still opening the rest of their eggs, you slipped out into the backyard to hide 2 eggs. You called Drew and Livia to go out and see if they could find them. There was a $5 bill in each one for your brother and sister. (insert tears)

Collin, you're a great kid, a wonderful brother and I'm so proud that you're mine!! Love you lots!! xo


jmdCREATE said...

This is so, so awesome...it brought tears to my eyes :)
It makes me so excited for the years to come as my boys get older. You've inspired me to get back to blogging (something I've neglected recently) - thanks!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Insert blubber, blubber!

Gosh girl, your journaling abilities are right up there with your photog genius!

Karli, it melts my heart when I come across mothers who are so in tune with their children. Your list of 22 things about Collin totally rocks and yes, he is your clone - lucky boy!

Love the additional tidbit about the Easter egg hunt. OMGosh! I'm not sure whether to be more amazed at the $22 (coinciding with the number of things on this list ;) or how perfectly precious and priceless your son is in making sure that "life is fair" amongst he and his siblings - *sigh*

Sweet dreams when you get there darlin' ...

ju-north said...

What a great boy! A credit to you!

Andrea said...

#3 - LOVE! Love to hear about kids who are excited for college!
#12 and 16 - Melt.my.heart.
I love this list about your boy.
What a sweetie.

Naomi said...

Ok first, love the first photo and he totally looks like you!!! Second, he is the sweetest boy ever!!! You must be so proud. Love this list and love that he is an awful at the recorder. Hilarious. Do your ears hurt? :)

The Shades of Pink said...

That egg story is so so so so sweet! Love it.

I bet your younger kids will be pretty giving also simply because that's what they are being taught by Colin (and clearly their parents).

Oh and I LOVE the whole "Pre-teen holding a younger sibling" thing. It's always been one of my favorite moments. Silly but I cried the first time my oldest son drove his siblings home from church while Mike and I ran errands. He and his sister were so sweet walking them across the street and loading them up in his car. And the look of sheer joy and adulation on the little boys' faces...Sigh.

Lizzy said...

What a wonderful post and a wonderful son. This put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing.

Skye said...

Karli - what an amazing post. Really. And what an amazing son you have raised. I hope we can all be so lucky to have half those qualities he has! I love that he is so conscience about money and his future. That is something we have talked about in our family from the day Julianna was born - and we hope to raise her to be responsible like that! I guess it shows you are your husband must have great values you taught your children, since clearly it was passed down to your children! Makes me smile :) :) :) (and great pictures by the way!) -
It is so nice he genuinely cares about his siblings- that is so sweet!

Angela said...

What a wonderful post for such a wonderful boy. You are, indeed, a very lucky Mom. And, your children are very lucky to have you as their mom. You have such a wonderful family!!

P.S. There are no good recorder players. It's just not possible :-)

Just Jen said...

What a wonderful post! Does Collin know you posted this yet? I would love to know his reaction!

Jenn @The Blonde Who Reads

Kristal said...

Will a prearranged marriage to my daughter work out for you? Sounds like a great future husband!

Love all you said about him... a treasure!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

What a PHENOMENAL young man you are raising. Sounds a lot like my son- I think they would get along so nicely. Oh how I loved reading this- makes my heart sing. Hugs my friend!

auntnike28 said...


Reading this made me cry. You have such a sweet boy and I loved reading your list of all of those things

Jill Samter Photography said...

Karli - the photos are equally as beautiful as the words written about your amazing young man of GOD!

So proud of him and both of you for raising such a fine young man!

Love and hugs!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOVE these photos as much as I love how you wrote from the heart all the wonderful things about your super special boy!

It's funny, but I feel as though I can almost see some of his personality traits come out in your photos. He has such a peaceful and kind aura about him!!

Beautiful Post Karli!!!



Eva said...

Okay, so I know I've only been following your blog for just a wee bit, but sheesh, I already feel like I know Collin! This is an amazing post. What a guy! Though he might be a tad too old for my 4yo! ;)

Natalie said...

Great post about your son, Karli!

I love the wall you used as a backdrop. I wonder if that is the same wall I spotted downtown one day. Hmmm. . .Do you share secret locations? Great job on these photos - perfect for a boy his age!

jess@notyouraveragemommy.com said...

No words Karli, this is just precious.

happy me said...

The photos are incredible! And so is Collin! What a thoughtful kind sweet individual. I wonder where he got that from?


Mindy McGrew said...


hello gorgeous said...

what a fabulous post Karli....I would say you BOTH got lucky! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Adeena said...

Awww... *sniff*

What a great post. So fun to learn more about Collin. :)

And I *love* that first shot.

Kat said...

I can't even imagine my little Peanut ever reaching this age - running to the store by THEMSELVES?! WHAT?! So scary lol

Kathryn said...

So very, very sweet! Neat to read about your sweet boy. Is he available for tutoring? :)

#4 HAHAHA! Is there *any* 4th grader *anywhere* that can actually make that "instrument" sound good?!?

#21 YES, YES, YES! Now you know exactly what you'd look like if you'd been a boy!

Marvett Smith said...

What a beautiful post about your beautiful boy! You are so smart to write these things down for him to enjoy later. He is one lucky boy to have you for a momma!

Carrie said...

Wow what a blessing and awesome role model of a brother. I love that last one. Brought tears to my eyes too!

Tenille said...

Alright!!! I'm a puddle! Love everything about this!!! You rock!!!!

karren said...

Better clone that boy! I love your list of things about him.

Tracey said...

What a wonderful amazing kid!!!! I love him already!

Ashley Sisk said...

Do you believe in arranged marriages? I mean, I'd totally sign up my daughter to marry him. :)

stacey said...

I LOVE that you wrote this post, Karli. He sounds awesome.

And the photos? The color???!!!! Wow.

Laughter & Love Notes Photography | Blog said...

I am absolutely with Ashley! Collin will be the kind of man that I hope my little girl will find. Thank you for raising such a good boy and giving the rest of us hope that there will be good men for our daughters.
And yes... I did tear up at #22.