the day drew played hooky

Well, the month long coughing virus has slowly made its way through our family with Drew bringing up the rear. He hadn't missed any school so far, but developed a mystery coughing attack at 7:35 this morning and asked to stay home. Being as this isn't my first rodeo, I didn't fall for the coughing attack but declared it a mental health day and called in that he would be sick. Wouldn't you know it but 5 minutes later he was bounding through the house. Very mysterious!! Ahem.

I have been very distracted lately (I have big news that I am so excited to share with you soon)... (no I am not pregnant)... and mom guilt has set in. I haven't been giving my kids 100% and it's been making me feel awful. So this morning I packed up Drew and TT and we headed for the zoo.

Pictures you will not see:
1. The one of Livia holding the white rat with the pink eyes.
2. The one of me taking deep breaths and telling myself everything would be ok once we got home and I could bleach her.
3. The one of Drew (who refused to touch a single animal all day, but decided maybe a tiny rat wouldn't be so bad) getting pooped on by the white rat.
4. The one of Livia holding the snake.
5. The one of Livia kissing the snake. (Yes, KISSING).
6. The one where I started slapping the back of my neck and shrieking "it's ON me!! it's ON me!!"

I was going to give the obligatory "snake warning" before posting pictures of TT holding the snake, but I just couldn't bear to post a picture of a snake on my blog. Same goes for the Naked Mole Rats. So don't worry... no snakes or rats or other animals that fall into the what was God thinking?? category.

So let's begin.

So there you have it! A little time to reconnect with my youngest two. It was wonderful. <3


Jess said...

I can't tell you how much I love that you're embracing every possible lighting situation. And I can't wait to hear your news (and yes my first thought was that you were pregnant!).

Amy Johnson said...

Oh rats -- I was also going to guess that you were pregnant... Maybe you're starting a photography business???

Rats, I wanted to see Livia kissing the snake! :D

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Woa Woa Woa. It's Karli chiming in to respond to Amy. The surprise is NOT a photography business. Lol! :-)

SarahinSC said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for not posting a picture of a snake. I wouldn't have been able to keep scrolling down!

Can't wait to hear about your big news!

Liza said...

Thank you for not posting the Naked Mole Rat. Those things are vile. My niece had one for a pet and kept trying to convince me he was cute. NO WAY!!!

Oh, Stop teasing us. Spill the beans, please! ; P

Sara said...

Ahhh Mental health days. My mom was a big fan of mental health days (that was her exact phrase for them). Love the pics. It's amazing what you can do in full sun!!!

stacey said...

Oh come ON. I've been waiting patiently for your "big news" since your latest email. Come ON.

And nice pics, as always...blah blah blah.

Fess up!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! As always, you have amazing photos!!

And, I thank you for not posting snake or mole rat photos :-)

Andrea said...

OMG! I want to see all the photos you wouldn't post! Please! LOL.
TT's outfit - too cute. I need a girl!
And the two of them holding hands - melt my heart. Seriously?... Too sweet.
I can't wait to hear your news!! ;)

Kat said...

thanks for not posting the snakes and the rats. I was nervous about scrolling down bc I'm still eating my breakfast.
The pictures you did post are precious - and what a wonderful day off! I love the one of the kids holding hands - heart-warming.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

cough cough cough!!!! I think I need to stay home today! Will you take me to the zoo???

Great shots!

Waiting with bated breath to hear the news....

maybe the house is ready?

Natalie said...

Super captures, Karli! You're one cool mom. ;)
LOL to "get home and bleach her". I can relate!

Kristal said...

We won't have to wait a month to hear the news will we ;-)

Mental health days were always my favorites when I was young. I need those now, but for some reason the school district won't TAKE my kids for a day LOL

Kathryn said...

"get home and bleach her" BEST BLOG COMMENT I'VE READ ALL WEEK. haha!

The Shades of Pink said...

My word she's getting tall! Great pictures.

Jenn said...

With a zoo like that, I would have to play sick too. That is a fabulous looking zoo. Ours doesn't compare. On a good day you see about a half dozen animals. The pictures are just beautiful. I LOVE the holding hands. Wonderful memories!!

I can't wait to hear your news. I was thinking pregnant, also. Oh well :)

Skye said...

OK I want to SEE the naked mole rats and TT kissing the snake LOL! Yes please show us! haha! WHat is it with girls & snakes?! My daughter was the most fascinated with the 30 foot damned python at the zoo last month- Ewwww! She couldn't stop staring at it. That and she loved the jaguar that was sizing her up for lunch.
I am cracking up at the white rat - ewwww they are kinda gross - but hey, i guess kids like them LOL

stacey said...

Still waiting.....

Adeena Pentland said...

I'm a week late... but there's still no big news. ;) And shoot - I was going to guess a baby sister for TT. ;)

I would love to see the snake picture. Mostly so I could freak out my hubby. :D The naked rat... not so much. Although I'm sure Drew's face when the NMR did it's "bidness" on him was priceless. ;D

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. I love these!! Such great shots!

happy me said...

6. The one where I started slapping the back of my neck and shrieking "it's ON me!! it's ON me!!"

I love you so much! :)

Great photos & memories. The little sister handholding melted my heart.