summer snaps

Well hiiiii there! :-) I can't believe the ENTIRE summer has passed me by without popping in to say hello! Our summer consisted of baseball, baseball and more baseball. The boys' tournaments were last week, and we only have a couple weeks to relax before the kids head back to school August 13th. Can you believe that, the 13th??! This is the first year the kids will be in three different schools. Collin will start middle school, Drew will be in 3rd grade and Livia will be in preschool for another year. If you are local and see me whizzing by in my van, you may refer to me from here on out as The Blur.

Also... my photography has taken a serious hit this past year. The time to pick up my camera has been limited (I'm rarely even on IG these days!) so I decided to enroll in an online class. It's called Shooting 301: Fine Art and Visual Expression. I really want to get better and more creative with my photography. Gosh, there's so much I want to write on this subject, but these last few summer evenings are precious and I need to be with my family. For now, here are a few snapshots from the summer.

 photo DisneyCruiseMarkIII-4551b_zps33f84142.jpg

 photo DisneyCruiseMarkIII-4627b_zps625d40be.jpg

 photo DisneyCruiseMarkIII-5037e_zps95c782dc.jpg

 photo DisneyCruiseMarkIII-5193d_zps96223433.jpg

 photo liviawii-6361b_zpse1ea1fe8.jpg

 photo flowers-5746c_zps8135cd21.jpg

 photo liviapreschoolprogram-6693c_zpsbc7e4982.jpg

 photo livialastdaypreschool-6443b_zps75aa5029.jpg

 photo tulipsandtrees-6034b_zps83e6ba33.jpg

 photo drewbaseball-7516b_zps2d9d9864.jpg

 photo collinbaseball-7349b_zps4d7034b2.jpg

 photo liviabath-7138e_zps83129732.jpg

I hope this was a wonderful summer for you all! xo


Angela McGowan said...

Beautiful shots as always! TT is growing up so fast. She is gorgeous. I hope you are getting settled in and LOVING your new home!

elizabeth said...

Gosh it's been so long - so glad to see this post from you - how are you?? Life has been so full of changes lately -I'm considering taking that class too but it's full right now - maybe next go around - I am trying to think outside the box and really learn some new stuff before we go home
The kids are getting so grown up
Hope your all great

Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely photos! <3

Natalie said...

The class sounds intriguing and a perfect fit for you! I always love your fine art shots. The pictures are great as always!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh Karli- I know what you mean. But I certainly don't think you need a class- you always blow me away with your images. I find I crave them when I am in need of inspiration or a creative push or just want to lose my thoughts in something beautiful. Super big hugs my friend- think of you all the time.

Kristal said...

Nice to see you Karli... many lovely shots!

Good luck with all those school schedules!

Jane said...

Wow, lovely photos. I'm so happy to see a blog post from you again, thanks for sharing. Have a good start of the school year.

Andrea said...

So happy to see you again!! Not that I haven't "talked" to you some this spring and summer... :)
Did you love the class? Was that the CM class you were telling me about?
Love these photos! Sounds like you had a busy summer!

Liza said...

Looks like a fun summer. The little Tornando is getting so big.

Adeena said...

Love these. TT is so big. Tell her to stop growing up so fast.

And... you're taking FAVE?? I am, too. Me likey. :D

Christina @ Life. Home. Projects. said...

I am so excited to see what you share from your class. Good luck today with the first day of school!

penandview said...

I LOVE The parrot shot AND your daughter's lace socks. She is too cute!

Sarah Halstead said...

Gosh these are amazing!!