touch-up Tuesday: it's your turn!

OK, who's ready to join in the fun for touch-up Tuesday? I am! If you missed my post yesterday and would like to participate, click HERE for the instructions.
Let's jump right in. Here's my SOOC. Blah!


For version #1, I did the following:
slight curves adjustment
soft light blending mode at 20%
MCP fingerpaint action
PW's warmer action
MCP non-destructive burn tool


For version #2, I used only one action: Totally Rad Actions' "pool party" at 70%. Yes, I bit the bullet and bought TRA's Set 2: The Revenge. Fun stuff! (I ran the pool party action on top of version 1 instead of running it on my SOOC shot. I also masked back Livia at 50% because her skin turned a little too yellow from the action).


Here they are side-by-side. Do you have a preference?

OK, so are you ready to give it a whirl? Fill out the Mr. Linky below with your name and the link to your touch-up Tuesday blog post (not the link to your blog home page). This will make it easy for others to find your post. :-)

Also, be sure to copy the text below my touch-up Tuesday button, and paste it at the end of your blog post. That will direct people to the instructions, and they can participate too.

<center> <a href="http://thebonnie5.blogspot.com/p/touch-up-tuesday.html"><img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/mu7p75.jpg"/> </a> </center>

Since this is my first week hosting touch-up Tuesday, please feel free to let me know if there are any kinks that need to be worked out! :-) And most importantly, have FUN!!


Sarah Andrews said...

Happy Tuesday! Congrats on your first blog hop! Your image was actually good enough SOOC but what fun is that? I like the TRA edi - JEALOUS! Did you try to mask the sky just to see what it would look like in that image??? Love her little dress - she has quite the wardrobe!

Sarah Andrews said...

P.S. your button is linking back to your how-to. Maybe you could make it link up to the touch up Tuesday posts???

Unknown said...

Hmmm... I love the sky in the first one, and Livia and the road in the second! :D

Yay for TUT! ;) It was a lot of fun for me this week.

Sarah Andrews said...

I totally get what you mean. You're lucky I've been blogging for a long time. What you need to do is add a "touch up tuesday" label to each touch up tuesday post when you are creating your posts.
The go to dashboard - layout - add a gadget - add labels - once it's on your blog click the "Touch up tuesday" label icon in the label gadget and the url will link all of the posts that you have labeled "Touch up tuesday". Add THAT code to your button and VOILA!!

Make sense?

Courtney said...

I love the first edit...the color of her dress & the sky are my taste. :) I'm excited for more TUT! I also enjoyed working on my edit.

Sarah Andrews said...

Oh you are a smartie!!! I used to have a Mommyblog for 2 years and it took me forev-a to learn this stuff. You don't have to keep the labels gadget on your blog, just use it to get the address. Email me anytime ladycakes and thanks for going to ALL of this trouble for your fun blog hop!!!

The Mommy said...

First of all YAY! @ the blog hop!! I'm so exited for you:)
I love your second edit. The original shot itself is amazing! Love your watermark too.

Sarah Andrews said...

can you email me at thismamarazzi(at)rogers.coom? I can't post the code here.

Sarah Andrews said...

.com I mean!!!

Sarah said...

I wanted to participate after seeing Adeena's touch-up tuesday post! What a great idea, and lots of fun! :)