you capture: fun

This is fun.

And this is fun.

When you're in the middle of a Star Wars battle, it's hard work. But fun.

A cute baby came happening by.

A cute baby that wanted to go right if you wanted her to go left.
A cute baby that wanted to go left if you wanted her to go right.
A cute baby that refused to make eye contact in fear that you would notice her and say it was time to go home.

A cute baby that decided she better pick up the pace if she was going to outrun daddy.

The Star Wars battle continued on.

It was so much fun, they played into the night.

OK, I'm totally lying. This picture below was taken right before we left the lake. :-)

If you didn't catch my post last week on controlling light (to make it look like dusk), be sure to click here.

For those who are interested, my settings for the first silhouette picture are:
ISO 100

The second silhouette picture:
ISO 100

The only difference was I made my aperture smaller (higher #) in the 2nd picture to let in less light.
Happy capturing!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love the silhouette pics, really amazing pics!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

LOL I can practically hear the Gzsh-gzsh of the light sabers! I love the last one of them silhouetted.

Unknown said...

The last two of the boys are amazing!! Every little boys childhood right there:) Love it!

Aleasing said...


Jen said...

Those are awesome shots, I love the lightsabers!

Mama Hen said...

I love the last picture! Adorable! I also like the one with the backlighting! Very nice!

Mama Hen

Bec said...

EPIC! :)


Sarah Andrews said...

Hiya! I seriously think that our little ones are soul sisters. Sounds very familar! Great shots and I'm still in love with your IHF entry! Epic!

Question for you. Is the 5D Mark II your first DSLR? I'm just wondering if you previously shot with a cropped sensor and how you are liking the full frame??

Sarah Andrews said...

Innnnntresting comparison!!! Love the 1000 ISO shot! Throw your 50 mm on both camera's, stand in the same spot and take the exact same picture. You will see the crop/full frame difference there. You will see a heck of a lot more scenery in the full frame and the cropped will be a little squishier. That's what I miss with a cropped sensor - having to stand WAYYY back to take a shot at 50 mm so I can get some sweet scenery in. It has me counting my pennies and thinking about taking the plunge into a full frame.

BTW - I love touch up tuesday. Start a blog hop - I will always join in!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

love those! very fun :)

Sarah Andrews said...

Hee - Hee. Me again. There are other photo hops but I don't think that they are edit related! I knew you would figure it out!

Stillmary said...

Wow! Those controlling light pictures are phenomenal! I love the cute baby series but those two that look like dusk with the light shining through the weapons? Wow!

The Mommy said...

Super shots as usual!!

Unknown said...

Love the silhouettes.

The last pic is adorable, too. :)