10 on tuesday

1. I had a great mom moment this week. Collin brought home a paper that said "the most important person to me is my mom." There were three points underneath:

The fact that he thinks of me as "happy" made my entire year! There's nothing he could have written that would be more important to me than that.

2. I fear we are about to have a problem of hygenic proportion. The Tiny Tornado has refused to take off her new Elmo jammies. Like ever. Even a simple diaper change has become brutal, as she thinks we're permanently removing the jammies. I don't allow "characters" on my kids clothes because I'm a law abiding citizen and that's a crime against fashion. However, I do allow any/all ridiculous characters on PJ's.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
OK, perhaps I secretly like them. (Even though the bright pink burns your retinas ever so slightly).

Exhibit C:
I kind of love how the Tiny Tornado grativates towards trucks, cars, legos, brawling and the like. Sure, we have the Little People plastic pink dollhouse, (though our tea parties are usually cut short by the horse from the barn set that enjoys trampling unsuspecting party guests and overturning tables)...but she seems to have taken more of a liking to things with wheels.

(I'm going to stop saying exhibit now, k?)

It wouldn't be a 10 on Tuesday without 900 pictures of the Tiny Tornado, now would it?

Oh, and by the way, all the pictures above were taken with flash. Can you tell?

Ah yes, here she is again for an after-bath snack.

3. So I've forgotten...when do babies move out of the crib and into a big bed? I know Drew bumped Collin out of the crib when he was 2 1/2, and I can't remember when Drew moved to a big bed. Thoughts or opinions? If you're thinking I should have this all figured out by the 3rd child, you should have seen me floundering with formula/cereal/baby food/ this time around. My brain doesn't have extra room for that type of information to be retained long term.

4. I used to think children that "bit" were a result of crummy parenting. Isn't it fun when you get to eat your words? It was touch and go there for awhile, but we are expecting Doron to make a full recovery. (See #2 above for the reason).

The perpetrator just feels awful about it.

Well, not bad enough to ruin her entire day.

The cost of getting a baby to pose with a box of bandaids: 1 mini candy cane.

(The cost of those size 2T skinny jeans: more than anything in my wardrobe).

5. I finally had to get out the ugly coat this week. The cute coat is only good to about 40 degrees. Ten years ago I would have suffered for the sake of looking good. At my age, comfort trumps beauty.

6. This makes me happy:

Our basement stays looking like this for approximently 7.2 seconds, so I had to snap fast.

7. December 18th and my Christmas shopping is offically done! I thought we were off to a rocky start when we read on Drew's list "a green car that can go through anything" and "Sharpie markers for kids" and "an x-ray machine so I can be a skeleton face and scare you mom"... but we recovered nicely and got 'er done.

8. This is the first year that I 'sprung' for gift tags for our kids' Christmas presents. I'm not sure why I thought those $3 gift tags would have tipped the scale.

9. I was so excited when my 3rd grader and Kindergartner both asked if they could do gingerbread houses this year! I was afraid they'd think it was babyish....wrong! They had a blast!

First, a flashback I thought you'd enjoy:

The present day:


What, the Tiny Tornado wasn't included in the fun??

Please. I don't like to toy with my sanity.

Oh wait, here's a shot of the Tornado, puffy eyes and all, waking up from her perfectly-timed nap. (I have no clue what's going on here, but I can tell you she would have never tolerated this overt intrusion into her personal space had she not been semi-conscious).

10. Last, I leave you with this shot I took the other night at the tree farm.

(Of course, by tree farm I mean 'interesting conglomeration of random trees in the parking lot of the putt-putt golf place.'

So there you have it. A few happenings around the Bonnie household this past week.

Have a great Tuesday! :-)


Clare B said...

Great post Karli - love you take on your week, was giggling the whole way through.

Ashley Sisk said...

Do you know how much I really truly enjoy these posts? They make me laugh and I realize how much you and I are a like...I love that your son loves your blog and thinks you're happy. I think of you as happy but I also want some of those cooking skills. Can you teach me in retirement? Oh wait...no one will care then. We'll just find a couple of old geezers to fix our meals. Of course, they won't be able to eat without their teeth. Okay....now who is random!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! I especially love the hand reaching up for the tornado in the next to last shot! HA!

Biting. Oh dear did we have a biter and not until #4. I finally broke down and made him bite a lemon when he bit someone else. Guess what? Turns out the kid likes lemons! LOL

And I LOVE that she's all into cars and what not. I'm tellin' you, my (now 13 year old) daughter was always more into the GI Joes and Legos than anything else. Any time she or I read about another little girl being into that stuff we both smile, give each other a conspiratorial grin and high-5. Totally.

Aleasing said...

What amazing, wonderful and funny memories for all us to read in the years to come ^_^

God surely did give us wonderful kids and amazing grandkids!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, just read the part about the girlie dolls being trampled by horses to my daughter and her response was "That girl is AWESOME!!!!" I told you the Tiny Tornado makes our every day brighter! LOL

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Lovely pictures, especially the after bath snacks, of your lil princess standing in the fridge in her Elmo pyjamas! Too cute!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Love this... All of it!!! and I am all for girls who play with things with wheels. Be careful though, My 8 year old darling wants to be a forensic pathologist or forensic archeologist.... Never a doll player that one, but now wants an American girl doll.

And just in case you are feeling alone, my 6 year old once wore the same pink and purple tutu for three weeks straight. LIfe is short, wear what ya want for as long as ya can!

And as far as the sleeping thing goes....umm my kids slept in my bed, which makes many wonder how the heck we got the 2nd one???, but I have to say that I never had that nursing mom with a newborn tired self..IT was a little more marsupial then that.. they jsut find their way to their food source and we all go back to sleep. Worked for me! Thy transistioned to their own beds at 2 or 3, or in the case of one 6. LOL

Lexi said...

I love reading your posts! They are hilarious and your kids are adorable. Tiny Tornado is a riot!

Collin and Drew did a great job on the ginger bread house! LOVE the pictures of the tasty craft with the bokeh behind it! Awesome shots.

Thank you for your comments on my blog! =)


Natalie said...

Great flash photos - I must get to those tutorials!

Another cute and fun 10 on Tues. post. :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome shots and post :-0) You are really funny!

I love seeing how much the boys have grown. Your younger son looks just like you!!!

Oh how your little girly sounds like ours. Oh my! She wants to rule roost but this momma hen won't let her! :-)

Your boys did a great job on the gingerbread house!

OK, I played with a lemon today and will post them up later for you to see in all their yellow bubbly goodness!

Love you!

Unknown said...

#1 - Awww! Those are awesome points. ;)
#2 - I love the pic of her in the fridge! XD
#3 - Whenever they can climb out by themselves. ;)
#4 - Poor Doron. My TT just bit her big sister for the first time last night. :/ (Love the blue glasses!)
#5 - Ugly coat?!? Bwahahahaa!
#6 - LOVE your basement!! I need a basement now. ;)
#7 - Drew makes me laugh. :D
#8 - Those are cute!
#9 - Yay for flashbacks! And the random 'claw' is hilarious! :D
#10 - Aren't they supposed to wrap those? ;)

happy me said...

'Happy' I can't imagine anything better than being viewed as 'happy' by our kids.

From the mom of a now 19-year-old Elmo enthusiast: 1. Not likely to end. and 2. Quick! Go buy an identical sleeper & do the 'hostage exchange' scene with her.

I must be hormonal; the unbought Christmas trees made me cry.

Amy H said...

Love your basement! Looks like a great room to play in! Who plays the drums? Love footsie pajamas! The boys did a great job on their houses.

Kari said...

I'm such a fan of yours you don't even know. Your boys are soo cute! The tornado is adorable! I love the last gingerbread picture it is perfection...like I said, can I come live next door? our girls can wear their matching hot pink elmo jammies at the same time and create a solar eclipse! XOXO

Tracy said...

just fyi my kiddos are 27 months and we still are not in toddler beds. :) I too don't like to toy with my sanity and have decided they will be there till atleast 3. :) But I do have 2...who would cause complete choas if left alone to their own bidding. :) So, I would say...keep her contained as long as possible. :)

Sad commentary on our "tree farms" makes me sad that people don't see REAL tree farms anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so fantastic! Your children always look so happy, they'd have to have a happy mom :-) Sounds like Collin is very proud of you!

I love the gingerbread house! Great job on the house and great photo of it, too!

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases!!

stacey said...

You knew this was coming, right? Okay, here I go...
1. I love love love that one of your comments from you son is that you have an awesome blog. This gives me hope seeing my blog is the only method of documenting my children's lives as of late (or ever, whatever).
2. I laughed at your "characters on kids clothes" comment. I agree. My MIL got my son a "Cars" shirt and I cringe every time he asks to wear it. But he wears his Thomas PJ's every night.
3. Crib... My daughter was at 2.5 yrs mainly b/c she climbed out once, plus I was preggo and would have had to eventually. My son (2.5 now) is still in his. And he will stay in it AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Well, unless he turns 5. I might draw the line there.
4. You bribe your children with candy to get a photo? Me too.
5. The gift tags. That is so me. I thought about buying them this year and always meant to, but never remembered when we got to Target. You'd think since I'm there like 5 times a week I'd remember. But no. (Maybe I should write it down on a shopping list? Wait...what's a shopping list?)
6. And did you read my post about the tree farm we went to? The Home Depot grows some lovely trees.
Enjoy your Christmas week with your loves! :-)

Jess said...

So fun, Karli. ALL of this!

I would have loved to sneak around that "tree farm" for awhile with my camera.

Merry Christmas, hope it's mostly chaos free! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post. I moved Dustyn to a big bed at 2 just cause Carsyn was coming. I would have left him in there till he started climbing out. ha ha. As for biting good luck. Dustyn is a biter. Not to be mean, but if someone tries to take something of his, or pushes him. He likes his personal space. He sounds very similar to Tiny Tornado. He seems to have gotten a little better with the whole biting thing. Also he will NOT let me wash his blankets. It takes everything in my power to take them and wash them. I have to make sure they are done by bed time, but at least he doesn't carry them around. Cute gingerbread house photos. Looks like they had fun. Sorry this is so long. ha ha. Merry Christmas!!

Ashley said...

Haha you always crack me up. TT sounds like a riot! BTW Nate is still in his crib and he's 3.5. He cries if you mention him giving it up so we leave him. ? Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

I forgot to say how amazing and sweet Collin is!

kitten said...

I always love your 10 on Tuesday posts. :)

Unknown said...

oh Karli, I am loving these 10 on a Tuesday! and I like the new look. first my favorite shot is her in the fridge. then I am glad you did a gingerbread house. its super cute. finally your boys are so handsome. (I think I am agreeing with grandma you should show more of them.)

happy me said...

The new blog banner/header is wowza! <3 it!

Michelle R said...

Karli -

Wow, Lady - I love your shots today!! What a fun peek into your lives and what great memories to capture! I loved seeing them all!

I had no clue those pics were shot with a flash - I love them and if I could get my flash shots to look like that, I wouldn't hate flash! Can you tell me: what kind of flash do you use? I'm guessing it's not the on-camera one... I may need to make an investment!

Also - your blog header is bea-u-te-ful!!

cooperl788 said...

I so agree with you on the licensed characters. My mom got Georgia a Ni Hao Kai Lan shirt that she's in LOVE with. I know it's bad, but I've taken to hiding it so she doesn't ask to wear it every. single. day. But on pajamas? Totally fine, cute even. Livia's pj's are too cute! I love these 10 on Tuesday posts - it's so great to see these snapshots into your everyday life. The boys' gingerbread house came out great! I did the gingerbread train with Georgia, but it was definitely a stretch. Next year will probably be easier...

Unknown said...

:-) I just came back to see something and LOVE the cheerful Christmas header - beautiful!!

I forgot to tell you yesterday the little ones of our family Noah - 4 on Sunday. Naomi 3 in October. They are both still in a crib. Trust me doing this 7 times before them - I never thought I would still have them in cribs but it is the safest place for them. They both love it and are NOT asking to be in a big boy/girl bed. So if they are still cool - we are cool. Unless you have a reason to move her out - let her enjoy the safety of her crib.

Just my .02 for what it is worth!

Love you lots!

Anna said...

LOL at TT's obsession with the jammies--she looks totally adorable in them, and love all the other tidbits from this week~ Merry Christmas to you guys!! :)

Kathryn said...

I see the Mr. Potato head glasses are still in their rightful place! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!