superwoman, age 5

 photo liviasuperwoman-5205e_zps5622d330.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5035b_zpsc6b40d8b.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5531b_zpsa8a7fa50.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5104c_zps71c12d32.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5305d_zps7f488686.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5529b_zps3aa3b3f1.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5527b_zps590efcac.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5614c_zps3ccfe992.jpg

 photo liviasuperwomancollage1_zps5d5bbd0a.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-5312b_zps91b0db88.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-4954c_zps5d61839e.jpg

 photo liviasuperwoman-4961b_zps7800ec06.jpg


Kristal said...

She is simply beautiful!

Sarah Halstead said...

She is beautiful. Love these photos!!!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

the missing tooth is just precious

Naomi said...

Grr. I have to type this over. Im sorry if you get 2 comments! Anyways, hi friend! Yay! You blogged :). Love these. She is growing up. And shes beautiful! Xo