blue jersey, red shorts

Yep. That's my kid. I'll claim him. I'm so proud of his basketball team this season...they did awesome! Oh, I beg your pardon...did I say basketball? I mispoke. What I meant was full-contact, street-fightng, all-out brawl ball. Once our team got the green light that smacking the ball out of the other teams' hands was allowed...oh boy did they smack. They smacked to their little hearts' content. Smacking the ball away from people is WAY more fun than shooting baskets, right? In the tangle of arms and legs flailing around, I attempted to capture the moment.

Disclaimer: I don't want to disappoint you with the quality of these photographs. My flash reaches 10 ft., and because I wanted to spare my son the humiliation of his mother running up and down the court, camera in tow, I sat nicely on my chair, from a distance of 40 ft. If you're not following, I'll spell it out: The flash doesn't go that far. If you read my "we're expecting" post from last week, you will remember that my NEW, awesome flash is in the mail. Stay tuned for improvement.

OK, let's begin. I LOVE this first picture, snapped during warm-up. Collin waving at Miss Sis, watching from the sidelines.

These next 2 pictures were before the game:

Here's Collin in action:

As for the next 2 shots, I would LOVE to know if this kid scored. I am sorry to say, I haven't the slightest idea. My nose was buried behind the lens.

I don't know why this picture makes me happy, but it does: :-)

A few shots of my preschooler, bored out of his gourd.

And you've stuck it out, all the way to the end, thinking I'd saved the best for last, right? A sweet little shot of Miss Sis, sitting happily on daddy's lap, clapping for her big brother with her chubby little hands. Well, that wasn't quite the reality. There was a major diaper explosion before the big game, completely ruining her clothes and rendering her unfit to be photographed.

And no, I'm not one of those super-moms that packs extra clothes in the diaper bag. Just in case you were wondering.


Jayne Bramley said...

Hi Karli,
I'm so happy you were able to get these shots (you didn't miss anything in class, we finished early). I heard you mention you had a blog so I searched for it :) I am thinking of starting a blog too for my adventures in crafting and travel. You have some really wonderful photos of your children.