fun with photoshop

I was just going back through some pictures from last fall, when the weather was...ummm...NICE. I love, love, love before and after photoshop touch-ups, so I thought I'd share. Does anyone like these? Any interest?


I don't like the pictures on top of each other so much, but I can't place 2 horizontal pictures side by side.

How about this? At least you can see a close-up of his face:

See how the first shot kind of has a "haze" over his face? Blah.

If you have Photoshop, here's what I did:
Ran the "pop" action from MCP Actions.
Ran the blending mode "soft light" at 50%.
Used a free action called "haze cutter" on the eyes.
Used "fingerpaint" from MCP Actions on the wooden door.
Re-sized, and resharpened for web.

That's it! A 5 minute touch-up turns a blah, flat picture into something a little more zippy!


Jenn said...

I like it...it looks great! Definitely makes it pop a bit more and have a bit more depth!!