473 (OK, 373) :-)

A week ago, I put a little counter at the bottom of my blog to see if anyone stopped by. I was curious if I was just talking (typing) to myself, or if anyone would take a peek. And look...it's up to 473!! Truth be told, I started the counter at 100 so I wouldn't feel so bad if no one "peeked", but 373 peeks in a week...you guys are awesome!

It does count when I log on and write something or post pictures, but I can honestly say I haven't been on 373 times in a week. Well, maybe the grandparents have... ;-)

I appreciate the comments, the little notes on Facebook and by email, and even the kind words from friends in passing. Every single comment makes my day. It really does. Thanks! XOXOXO!


Aleasing said...

It's true, I have already begun viewing and it is only 8:50 in the morning!!!!
Thank you again, dear one, for these precious memories::))

Jill said...

Karli...it's your cousin, Jill.

I found your blog last week, and have been peeking ever since.:) Your children are too precious for words, which I assume is why you take so many photos of them.

l_garber said...

Dear Karli,
I enjoy reading and seeing the picturs very much.
Tank you for sharing. You write wonderful!