all i wanted...

...was one, ONE! good picture of Miss Sis in her Earth Day t-shirt and her peace sign leggings. That's not too much to ask, right? Only one tiny picture...because she just looked so stinkin' cute.

Well, it wasn't easy. I tried ALL afternoon and zippo. I had my preschooler help... nada. I was starting to get irritated and grumpy and I even started sweating. I really did.

When I picked Collin up from school, I prefaced the conversation: "I'm in a bad mood, and if you help me take a picture of Livs, you can have extra time on the Wii." I know, I'm shameless.

After arriving home, we tried this, that and the other...and still NOTHING! This girl would not stand, stay, smile, nor cooperate in the least. Finally, I brought out the baby trapping device, I mean cute metal bucket we used last fall, and at last...some semi-cute, semi-blurry pictures. Of course you can't see the leggings, which go with the t-shirt, which was the whole POINT of taking pictures in the first place, but after all was said and done, I managed to capture a few smiles.



What's that you say? These pictures all kind of look the same? Well, I worked HARD for these pictures, and I'm posting them ALL.




HA! Got your peace sign leggings, you wascally wabbit.

Ohhhh!!! I can't believe I almost forgot the best part! As we were standing on our heads and doing pretty much anything to get Livia to look at us, Collin finally sat down and said, "Mom, you need to just get a professional." I thought that was hysterical, so I said "that's GREAT!! I'll have to put that on my blog."

His reply... "No, I'm serious."
Yeah, I know.....he's totally right.


l_garber said...

Beutiful picturs!
Thank you for sharing, Evryday I check your blog.
Thank you!