my gift

You are beautiful.
You are loved.
You are the gift we prayed for, for nearly 2 years.

My fourth baby. Three here on earth, and one in heaven. You are precious to us.


You are independent.
You do things your own way.
You see what you want and you grab it.


You are my only child for whom I ever considered getting locks for my kitchen drawers.

You are my only child that has ever played in the toliet.

When I tell you no, you don't cry or shy away. You just keep trying, never saying a word.


I love how you fling your sippy cup when you're done.
I love how you throw your stuffed animals out of your crib at nap time, just so I have to come back upstairs and lay you down again.
I love how you've learned to throw your pacifiers against the wall in your bedroom, so they make a more satisfying WHAP.
I love how you get so excited about your food.
I love how you look down and smile so sweetly when your daddy comes home from work.
I love how you jump when I come up behind you and say your name, because you KNOW you're doing something you're not supposed to do.

Your brothers love you so much. They adore everything about you. They ask if they can wake you up, right after I've put you down for a nap. If you are sleeping when they come home, you are the first person they ask about. They love having a sister. Their eyes light up when they see you. The same way yours light up when you see them.


Cling to God. Love your family. Respect your friends. Show compassion to others. Always speak the truth.

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are loved.


God was gracious in answering our prayers.
You were worth the wait.

Happy 1st Birthday Livia! We love you!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Livia! Beautiful blog Karli. :)

Aleasing said...


Kathy said...

VERY sweet! Happy birthday, Livia (and I still remember Drew telling me 'There's NO "O"' :)

Mindy Mc said...

Beautiful. I love this! She is so blessed and will rule her world someday with all those great qualities. What a great mom and family she has. You've already given her greatest gift you can by loving her for everything that make her just who she is. Congratulations on your first year with her, Karli(and Dad and boys)! and Happy Birthday little lady!!!

stallcupjl said...

What a precious little girl. Your family is so blessed. We are too. Love, UncLeon

Anna said...

This is SO SWEET...what a blessing. And what a GORGEOUS (and spunky!) girl. Happy birthday, little doll! LOVE the pics.