what's that you say?

I know.
You were all waiting for part 2 of the 'star of the week' post, weren't you? Would my plan of taking pictures of Collin's momentos actually materialize? Turns out, super mom was not on duty...and in fact has not been seen very often around these here parts for the past 11 months.

When Collin was my only one in school, he was dressed so nicely. Every hair in place. I think he even wore church shoes and a button down shirt a couple of times to preschool. *gasp* Then Drew comes along, and we began slowing sliding down the slippery slope. Four and a half years later, Livia joins our group, and things really start to slide. You are certain to spot Drew coming out of preschool with his pants on backwards. That little Addias triangle is ALWAYS on the back of his leg. Weird, since really you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right each time.

I was just having this exact conversation with a preschool mom friend last week. She had her 3rd baby shortly after I did, and her middle son came out of class with his track pants on backwards. We chuckled and smiled at each other knowingly. Twice Drew has come home from church with his jeans on backwards. How do you not notice your jeans are on backwards??

Last week I was embarassed by a well-meaning preschooler asking why Livia was still wearing her pajamas when I came to pick up Drew from school. I don't want to name names (Anna!!)
;-) but some days it just doesn't get done.

Now we race to school with seconds to spare before the late bell, I'm smoothing down hair with my palm, and doing a final check for eye boogies.

Wow, this post got away from me. All that to say...no, I did not end up snapping pictures of the momentos that Collin brought to school to show the class.

However...following Collin's "Star of the Week" week, his classmates wrote to tell him what they enjoyed most. Some miscellaneous comments in no particular order:

"it's cool you have your own ATV"
"you were a very nice star"
"you have a lot of trophies"
"so far I think you have been the best star"
"is the giant water slide scary? please answer this question. this message will self-destruct"
"I liked your basketball trophy the best"
"it is so cool that you can drive a waverunner"
"you are my 3rd best friend"
"I like the soccer trophy you brought. it's the same one i got"

Far be it from me to toot my own horn (chuckle, chuckle)...but there was one fantabulous comment that caught my eye. You don't mind if I share, right?


Shall I zoom in?


Well, I'll be!!
Maci, you just scored major points with me, girl! ;-)


Aleasing said...

Another masterpiece mom:::)))